Marla Rose Brady is a pen name, or to some, a secret identity.  She is the voice and name I give my free uncensored version of myself.  She is the soapbox I stand on when I need to say something.  She is my true, honest voice when I take away all the filters.

I do not believe in the traditional, dying form of the publishing industry.  I believe in a new wave of artists and creators who no longer cringe to the idolatry of the dollar to believe their work has meaning.  I believe in art for the purpose of making more art, and I believe in love for the purpose of making more love.

I know that these ideas and thoughts are probably foreign to you, and this is okay.  These sorts of ideas built on love and art can be controversial at times, but if you learn how to trust them, you will love them.

I am currently working on self-publishing my own works.  Currently, I am working on my first manuscript “Girl Who Rises Sun”.  You can read it through textnovel.com at this link.  I simply want to share.  I want to make connections with other writers.  I want to work with other creative types to find truth.

Thank you to all of you who are interested in my work.  Without you, my voice would truly be nothing.


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