Revising “Girl Who Rises Sun”…The Symbolism of a bear…

I love returning to my work.  The second chapter of “Girl Who Rises Sun” is about her running and coming across a bear.  The bear is supposed to be a symbol of the things lurking in our life that we fear: disease, death, debt, chaos, war, famine, etc.  The bear is just supposed to be a basic symbol of fear, and a recognition to be grateful for the lives we do have.

Our lives can end at any minute, I find myself someone who may think about death more than the regular person.  The other side is one that all of us will travel to, whether we are ready, or want to, or not.  The second chapter entitled “Bear” is about the first step for Sun’s journey to become her greatest version.  Very early in her journey, Sun needs to realize the precious, fragile condition of her own existence.  Encountering a bear close-up is enough to realize the lack of choice we all receive in the face of our own mortality.

In the chapter, the bear approaches her, shows its teeth, and growls.  She stands, petrified, not knowing what to do.  As some sort of message that Sun is a “chosen one” or “indigo child”, the bear has a moment where it decides whether or not to attack Sun.

He won’t attack Sun, because the bear has some great, ultimate wisdom about her greater journey.  Sun will see it as a sign….

The bear took a moment to look at Sun.  The bear’s black eyes looked deep in Sun’s eyes, sniffing her face with his moist, black nose.  She could feel the beast’s hot breaths on her cheeks, smell the pine trees from its fur.  He stared into her eyes again, and they both knew the decision belonged to him, especially this dark in the evening.

As though he knew his power, the bear growled, flashed his teeth once more, and turned around.  The white moonlight glistened off the bear’s brown, fur back.  He didn’t look back as his hunches shifted back and forth into the blackness of the forest. 

Near death experiences can change the way one sees their life too.  A brush with death is an experience which can transform us forever, becoming more grateful for every breath and moment.

I came across a bear once while hiking to the top of the La Luz Trail in Albuquerque, NM – – – my home town and where I have lived the majority of my life.

I had heard rustles and saw a black entity flinch in the forest

“There’s something there,” I said.

“It’s a bear,” replied my husband.

I didn’t realize how little I knew about bears until that moment.  Paralyzed, I didn’t know how to react, to make noise, to be quiet.  Like a moment trapped in time, a moment becomes much more vivid when one thinks it might end.  Like when you are traveling on a rough, bumpy airline flight, the ones where everyone is quiet and terrified.


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