Become A Vibrational Match to Your Desired Bliss

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At the new year, I created a vision board.  I covered it with beaches all up and down, I needed to go to a beach!

If you don’t believe in vision boards, you should, because in this life we attract what we feel.  We gather around people who have the same feelings as us.  We gather around areas that have the same feelings as us.    We become the same vibration of that what we are.  What you think affects you, and if you think all about beaches, well….. one day you will be on a beach.

We only live once in this world.  We only have one life, from what we know.  Why would you waste that on nonsensical thinking?  On thinking about how much you dislike a person, or on other things you may not like.  We should take the negative only as a way to see our shadow side.  With the negative, we can realize that there are some things we really do want in our experience.  When we realize what is negative in our journey, we have an opportunity to see what we do want in our experience.

For example, you may say to yourself, “I don’t like my boss.”

Maybe your boss doesn’t treat you right.  Maybe your boss insults you, or puts you down, or isn’t on your side.

Where is the positive in that?  (you might ask)

The positive is knowing you want to work with someone who respects you, collaborates with you on exciting projects, trusts you with new ideas, and maybe even sees a gigantic ocean of possibilities in the future for you.

It’s time to stop thinking about what you do not want, and to start thinking about what you do want.

This positive spin on things is hard to think through at times, but when you do this with your negative thoughts, you will unveil an enormous wealth of power to give you what you deserve in your experience.

Your feelings should always be a compass to your desires.

Have you ever thought that you should just go with your gut instinct?  This is based on how we feel about a scenario.  There is so much cosmic knowledge inside each and every one of us that to feel it is to live it.  To think it is to live it.  To want it, in many ways, is the same way as having it.

Any one who can close their eyes and vividly see a past memory, knows that you do not have to tangibly own something to mentally acquire the feeling from it.  Our minds are incredibly powerful.

So the next question I have is. . . . .

Why is it that we attract what we think?

Does focus really run that deep?

Who knows!  But look, I got to the same beach on my vision board!

Vision board on friends!!!!


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