Raising a Lil’ Girl

Once I realized that I would be raising a little girl in the world, my thoughts about everything have changed.  A woman at work recently made a comment to me about my acne scars, and how bad they are, and how I really need to make sure when my daughter grows up that she doesn’t have acne scars either.  This was, after she wouldn’t stop talking about her $1600 vacuum and how her husband is shopping around for a Mercedes Benz.

After she said this, I tried to think to myself, “What will I tell my daughter when she comes home from the playground and says another girl called her ‘ugly’?”

I thought about it.  The truth is that when people say caddy things about you usually when their own life is under attack.  This woman at work always comes in pale, red lips, smelling a bit of alcohol.  I remember the kid from middle school who used to call me fat.  As I grew older, I realized that he was probably upset with everything because he didn’t have any father around.  He made fun of everyone, was mean to everyone.  It’s usually a defense mechanism.  People are mean to other people as a defense mechanism to deflect what’s really going on with them.  Happy people don’t say mean things.

All any of us can do is just try to get through the day.


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