Writing in a Publishing World


Astrology predictions sometimes tout that large life changes are in store for you.   You squint your eyes, narrow your eyebrows, and wonder “Really?  Is my life truly going to change for the better.”

We crave change.  We live for change.  Yet, when change comes, all we sometimes can feel is a slight speed bump in the path, a tiny deviation from the direction we were originally going.

What direction do you go next?

Go the direction that calls you.  Let the future take you by your collar and pull you into the next phase and dimension of your life.

Even though it is summer, it feels like fall to me.  The changes in the colorful lives of people seem to be going dormant for a winter that is not here.  People are getting married, having children, moving away, making drastic changes in their lives.

As the changes start to occur, I try to remember that nothing is changing in this current moment.

I try to grab hold of that voice and try to follow it into the future, that future, that constant, divergent change I have been waiting for centuries.



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