What? You want to PUBLISH me?


I had a wonderful morning when I discovered in my email box an acceptance letter to have one of my pieces, “Separated From the One You Love” published in Guerrilla Graffiti Magazine.  I can’t believe it!  I am so used to rejection letters, I was kind of shocked to find this was an acceptance letter:


Thank you so much for submitting! After reviewing your pieces, we’ve decided to use “separated…” for the magazine! I loved the concept and thought it was short, but contained everything it needed to. I’m paraphrasing, but I loved the line “sometimes it takes lifetimes to find your soulmate.”
The second piece is a little too long for our publication. We’ve set a word limit of 2,000 words for submissions, but it was a good read.
I’m so glad you submitted and hope you will again in the future.
From here, if you would please send me a short bio, including any links to sites you would like included, and a picture of yourself. If you don’t want to include either of these things, just let me know.
I will let you know when your piece is up! Thanks again!
Brice Maiurro
Guerrilla Graffiti Magazine
Big shout out and thank you to Brice Maiurro & Guerrilla Graffiti Magazine for giving a strange writer like me a chance!!

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