Choose Your Own Adventure Wednesday


You open the doors of perception only to find a thousand paper cranes coming at you head on.  As you try to dive through the paper cranes, you can only make out the light ahead of you.  There are doors beyond the doors of perception, or so you have heard.

There is only one door, actually.  It’s the little red door that you were used to seeing in that big, nice neighborhood that you passed by in the bus growing up.

After you sift through the light, you get to that red door.

You put your hands on the handle. You never imagined the door knob to feel so warm.

You open the next door, and all you see is darkness.

It’s only darkness for minutes, and even an hour maybe.  You can’t even see your hand in front of your face.

Eventually, you see an orb of light in the darkness.  You realize it is God.

God says, “Hello, how are you?”


—What do you say back?

(A)  “I’m okay considering the circumstances you put me under.”

(B) “Good, but I have a few questions.”

(C) Nothing.  You run away out back past the through the red door, wishing you had never opened the doors of perception to begin with.

The adventure continues next Wednesday!


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