When Life & Creativity Meet


One of the greatest benefits of being a creative person is having hunches or an understanding of what’s hidden behind the blanket of the night.  Artists have been intuition in general.

There is so much discussion in this world about how much the dollar gives us, what the value of the dollar is, who can give us the value of that dollar.  It’s a blessing when you can truly step away from that for a few moments and ask yourself, “What is it that I value?”

When you do this, you enter a world of unknown.  You jump into a sea of thoughts and feelings and things.  Maybe you create a portrait from these feelings and thoughts, and from that, you can draw a greater intuition of what it is that you want out of life, or what it is that you already have.

In my own writings, I continuously find that I write about myself, in some ways.  From there, I learn about different parts of my personality, hidden worlds so to speak.

It’s the nature of these hidden worlds which awakens me to truth.

Truth and honesty are lacking in our culture.  While we are true about monetary things (I buy this, you give me that), we are very untrue about the current tides and climates of our own emotional soul.  When you connect to that, in whatever way you can, you are unlocking something more powerful than a Fortune 500 company.  You are unlocking the truest you that can exist.

How much is your best story worth?  And I’m not talking about what publishers think it’s worth, or what editors at literary magazines think.  How much is your story worth to you?

~~Blessing upon you on this beautiful spring day!~~


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