UFO Research for New Book

Since I have started to write about the paranormal UFO topic, and I want my story to one similar to reality, I think it’s going to take a lot of research.  (Yay!  UFO Research!)

I’ve already dropped out of Camp NanoWriMo.  Without being able to share my work, I tend to fall down and stop.  😛  What can I say?  I work at my own level.

As for new research coming to light, a “Citizen’s Hearing” will be held at the White House Press Room in the next coming weeks.  Many intelligent officials who used to be part of cover-ups are coming forward to discuss what they saw, and they are demanding to know what is going on.

Dr. Steven Greer, a big component of this project, is a retired ER doctor who left his career to pursue “the truth”.  He is currently coming out with a movie titled Sirius.  The movie is about how we need to care less that there are extraterrestrial beings out there and more about the technology they could give us.  The movie includes a tiny alien.  Wow!  But, as Greer suggests, the movie is more about promoting alien technology  to help solve the climate crisis, and less about alien contact.

Something that hasn’t been discussed during Greer’s work with this new movie is how he has claimed to have a telepathic communication with aliens, sometimes doing “remote viewing” sessions with other people to ask an alien guide to show them the universe.

Good fodder for SCI-FI right?


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