Focusing Your Creative Vision

a09fde5491ca4e196bde08e1cabfaee3Sometimes, I have trouble with this.  One of my major problems is that I am always going a mile a minute.  There are always a million things that I want to do, pieces to review, people to get in contact with.  Sometimes I find it difficult to just be and focus on the important things at hand.

Expanding my creative vision is truly what I want for my life.  While I can say that I want to have money or want to have fame, the truth of the matter is that my creative vision, as well as the path I live my life with, is what matters most to me in life.

The trouble with being an artist is we tend to get pulled into every direction.  These paths and journeys lead us to worlds we never thought could exist.  The funny thing about these journeys is that there usually isn’t any monetary gain either; the artist’s journey is truly a spiritual one.

I tend to be obsessed with monetary value-systems.  Sometimes, when I have a good day, I ask myself how much money it’s worth.  I find that when I take a hike with my husband or write a short story, the cost of this reaches into the millions.

We tend to forget the value of laughter with friendship.  How much would you pay to have a good chuckle with your friend?  What is this value worth to you?

So, don’t be frustrated when the universe pulls you into every direction.  This probably means you are doing your job as an artist.  You are following the road that is calling you.  You are creating and expanding your creative vision every day.

Now, my friends, the question to that is—what’s the worth—minus all monetary gain you could acquire— of your own creative vision?


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