How To Have Fun Editing


Alright, so you have finished your manuscript.  It’s your heart and joy and everything that you want in a manuscript.  Except, wait, what’s that?  It looks like the first draft isn’t exactly how you pictured your novel to look like once you finished it?

Instead, your manuscript looks like a demented Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book that only your mother has made any commentary on, even after sharing it with a bunch of like-minded writers.

So there you have it.  You finished your manuscript and it feels like no one wants to read it.

Now, you have to go back through the work, which you feel no one wants to read, edit it and believe and hope that someone will want to read it.

Do you see those negative thoughts in your heads, writers?  Do you see how this train of thought may sound similar to your own?  Do yourself a favor and stop.  Your writing will never be good if you continuously think about yourself in terms of negative thoughts.

Dive into your manuscripts like they are the movies of your mind.  Remember that one time you went into a library, and you pulled a book from off the shelves that no one had heard of and it changed you forever.  (I do, mine was “Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindberg).  Be that book.  Be that piece of art.  Be that thing that changed you.  Remember that it didn’t have to be popular to change you.  It just changed you.

The truth is that once you finish writing your book, there will still be a great mass of people out there who will never read your book, and there will still be a great mass of people out there who will never even hear of your book.

But don’t worry, all hope is not lost.

Remember that story you created?  That one where the astronaut goes into outer space and catches a star in a mason jar.

Do you remember how it changed you?  Do you remember how when you finished the battle scene in that manuscript how you walked around the rest of the day feeling like a part of you had changed forever?

Do you remember how hard it was to let go of the main character?  That sap who you have grown to love and hate all at the same time?

Well, now is the time to go back to them.  Now is the time to add your artistic touch, to put glorious sentences in places you couldn’t dream of when you were trying to concoct the plot.  Now’s the time to truly express to the world this idea you had.  To refine it.  To feed it.  To help it grow.  To transform it into the bread that this world so desperately needs for nourishment.  And also the nourishment you have needed yourself.


Write on my fellow starving artists!!


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