Own The Universe

34807053342If you live your life thinking that this is all you will ever have, this is truly all you ever have.

On the other hand, if you live your life thinking every moment is filled with opportunity, prosperity, and utter decadence; life will reflect this for you as well.

Do not let a moment of stress take you over.  Don’t let the demons of bad energy overwhelm your soul.  It is difficult to steer a ship in a hurricane, so do yourself a favor, and don’t become the hurricane.

A ship is more easily navigated through heavy waters when the captain and crew remain calm.  Everyone knows this.

Then why do we not apply this principle to our own lives?

I think, especially in America, we have been pressured into thinking that being happy is bad.

What?  In America? , you say.

Yes, I think that all people, especially Americans, have been pressured into thinking that there is no way we can be happy in this current moment unless we have everything we could possibly want or dream.  And if we do not currently possess these trivial necessities in this current moment, we must, then, be utterly miserable.

But this just simply is not the case.

Don’t stress about how much money you currently have in your bank account or wallet.  Instead, think of a happy memory, and rise above your troubled waters.  Do not over think or wonder whether someone may like you or not.  Simply forget about it.  Rise above the negative path.  Reroute your thoughts to enlightment.

Rewire your brain to total, utter heavenly bliss.

You will see that over time, when you learn how to train your brain towards the light side, that magically, everything will start going your way.


I rewire my thoughts to optimism by playing the guitar.  How do you do it?


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