Follower Appreciation Day

I have recently reached 50 followers!  This exciting news made me think about the blog and what I can do for all of you.  A lot of us here are trying to get into writing, but most of us have day jobs.  We are trying to get our feet off the ground and dive into an amazing world where we can share our ideas and thoughts with others.

While I am a writer, I do hope to focus this blog more on art and artists in general.   That’s when I decided to come up with my new idea:


The Poor Starving Artist Award!

Every time I reach a certain landmark of followers, I am going to give away CASH!

However, the amount of money is nominal.

As of today, I have reached 50 followers!  First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has started following me.  It’s been fun creating this blog and even more fun to get to know some new people.

Since the amount of followers I have is a HUGE landmark in my blog making abilities, I want to award someone $5.00  (50 followers x .10 c = $5.00).  I will send this money via PayPal.  🙂

The next landmark will be 100 followers, and there, I will award $10.00, so keep following! ❤

All you gotta do is email me your paypal email at  I will then send you $5.00 through PayPal, and then—BAM–you are $5.00 richer my poor, starving artist!

The $5.00 goes to the first person who responds to this blog post!  You must be a follower to win!

Thank you again for following my blog!


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