Fiction Writers are Smarter….Emotionally at Least

She was like the moon, part of her was always hidden

Over the course of the weekend, I experienced a lot of strange emotional activity from those I know.  It’s strange to me when people try to intentionally hurt each other.  The strange thing about love is it brings people together in a magnificent tapestry.  However, when we don’t treat each other’s hearts in a kind manner, we can greatly destroy each other.

As I was contemplating this during the weekend, I wondered why it bugged me so much.  Those who had hurt each other so deeply seemed not to care.  I seemed to care more than they did, and this worried me.

However, it made me realize one of the beauties of being a writer, regardless of publication or not.  Being a writer allows us to learn and gauge how people will react in certain situations.  What will this character, who has this long history and past, do in a certain situation like this?  We develop and predict the moral code and emotional threshold of people, and characters, through writing.

This is the beauty of finishing a manuscript, even if no one reads it.  You have delved into your psyche and tried to relate to people in a way that a majority of humans don’t, or even try.  There are so many people on the planet who are uninterested in the feelings and thoughts of others, and because of that, they lose out on the whole experience.

So thank you to all you writers out there.  Thank you for reaching out into the universe and trying to experience and feel something other than yourselves.  This earth needs us.  Even if our manuscripts lie on our shelves unread for centuries, at least we made that attempt to connect a little closer to earth than our human counterpart.

Congrats on being a writer!  You make the earth a better place!!


5 thoughts on “Fiction Writers are Smarter….Emotionally at Least

  1. This is a heart warming message. Writing is a lonely business and it’s great to connect to other writers who get where you’re coming from. Only in recent years, since being totally single in fact, have I had the freedom to give every spare moment to my writing, without worrying about that being perceived as selfishness in others. I think each and every human being has experiences worth writing about and our own unique perspective born out of those experiences.
    Though my writing is purely fictitious, I transform my own experiences through the themes I write about. I would like to think that anyone who reads my novel will leave with a greater understanding of what drives people to harm those closest to them – in my view, fear and prejudice lie at the heart of most cruelties.

    • I agree with you Jenny, and this is, unfortunately, what I experienced this weekend. Fear and insecurity can turn us into cruel people. Writing helps me not become the cruel, jaded people I sometimes see that exist on this earth. In my life, I use writing as a tool to make sure I don’t become jaded. Thank you sharing. 🙂

  2. I definitely agree with the ‘delving into your psyche, even if no-one reads it’ sentiment. Writing is one way of baring your soul, just like music, or poetry. Sometimes it can be just as cathartic to write something nobody reads, as it can to write something that the whole world can see. Introspection leads to growth and understanding, and that’s never a bad thing.

    • I completely agree. It took me a long time to realize why I wrote. Recently, I came across a lot journals I wrote in high school. They were amazing! I was filled with so much understanding about human life then, and it’s because I wrote a lot! My curiosity of human nature is what drives me to write. It keeps me intuitive and with the universe. It keeps me grounded and sane. lol

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