Procrastination is Part of Creativity

Procrastination is Part of Creativity

Sometimes, I just need to do nothing.  I need to sit and stare at the wall and think about nothing.  It helps, I think.  If I am always obsessed with it, nothing will come of it.  I think my story is a little tired after all the work I put in too.

Even stories need to rest, right?

Take Time Away From the Rough Draft

All right, so I finished it.  It’s done.  The manuscript, from point A to point B, has been finished.  The idea has been bled into the universe.

Now what?

I’m going to forget about it for a while.  Focus on other positive mind-melds.  I think I know it will be time to pick it up again when I start to forget about Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  It will especially be time to pick it up after I miss her.

I have a lot of other work cut out for me.  A lot of reading I need to do before I can jump back into my manuscript editing:

Andrew Tonybee’s Construct of an Angel


Currently, I am reading this book.  I am enjoying it too!  Once I finish it, I plan on posting a clear, revised and finished review here on my blog.   Construct of an Angel is about real life angels and also has a strong focus on death.  I don’t want to tell you the whole plot here, but I will tell you that the book is good and it should be purchased and read.  We all need to support each other in our writing endeavors and make sure that self-publishers have the support they need. Plus, it’s just a great read.


Daily Affirmations to the Universe:

~Be Progress~Be Prosperity~Be Creativity ~Be Love~Be Grateful~Be Grateful~Be Grateful~Create~Share~Create Again~Heal~Hope~Love~Cure~Be Change~

~Remember, there’s a big old bad war out there between good and evil.~

~Be the light side~

~The force is strong with all of us~


Is procrastination part of your writing process?


2 thoughts on “Procrastination is Part of Creativity

  1. “The idea has been bled into the universe” – what a beautiful and true description of the first draft process, love it! I agree procrastination is part of creativity…but I prefer to call it contemplation! I have just emerged from seven months (!!) of contemplating the first draft of my novel. Longer than I would have liked, but that’s how long it took. Last weekend I knew I was ready to sink my teeth into the next phase. Suddenly everything is flowing, I feel like I can see the big picture clearly, I know where I’m going and I’m enjoying being back in that familiar headspace again. Enjoy your reading time, I’m sure you will return to your novel refreshed and inspired! Claire x

    • Thank you for this Claire! This was incredibly refreshing to read after receiving my first official ding letter for my story “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.”

      I am just so passionate about my story, but you remind me to continue to be passionate about it.

      I am just so grateful I finally got it out there, and I am at least sending it to big old people in NY city. Crazy. Never thought it would get that far into it!

      Thanks for the positive vibes!!! ❤

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