Open Creatively With Art


Geosculpture Inspired by Gary Schollmeier

Making Different Art Works Different Parts of Our Brain

When we continuously write the same things over and over again, it can stifle our creative minds.  Sometimes, what we all need, is a streak of inspiration from other forms of art.  I have tried to experiment with all sorts of different things.  I am really into origami, playing my guitar, and writing.  I find these tools help me delve more into my subconscious  making it much easier to find my own Personal Legend.

Connecting With Different Artists

An artist is nothing without a community to share it with.   Whether it be the internet surfer who stumbles upon your blog post, the open ear who listens to the tune of your guitar, or the open eye that sees the vision you have created for the universe, an artist is nothing without those open avenues.

I have connected with some great artists on the internet.  Two of my favorite are Gary Schollmeier and Sunlit Rain.  Each of them go and simply create art and optimism in the world for the sake of it existing, and for them, I thank you.

Gary Schollmeier will go out into nature and create some sculptures with balanced rocks by the river.  They are amazing to look out everyday as I browse through my WordPress reader.

Sunlit Rain is currently working on Project Me.  He is trying to chronicle 365 days of his life through words, music, and prose.

I highly recommend following both of these guys.  Making art is kind of like baking bread, it needs to feed the souls of those around us.  Take a chance and follow these guys, eat some healthy bread and nourish your souls.

~be love~be light~be peace~be hope~be beauty~be prosperity~be universal~be energy~be moonlight~be a happy smile in the day~be a ear that listens~be a listener in the world~be the bird that flies in the sky~be the smile that welcomes this new day~be grateful~be complete~be the warmth of those you love~be the hello~be healing~be light~be love~be pure sound~be echoes~be all~begin~renew~revive~be silence~

What nourished your soul today?


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