Maybe Not IUniverse…

Should I go with iUniverse to help me self-publish?

While it’s exceptionally nice to have a company and group of people behind you to help and promote your book, I am somehow wondering if this is truly the correct way to go.

Now that I have started doing my editing for my novel, I am trying to figure out a good path for self-publishing.

After looking into it, it looks like I can start my own publishing company, simply by buying my own ISBN, and also doing some paperwork.

This sounds like the best bet.  Especially because I don’t consider that I will ever stop writing books.  I am overflowing with ideas, thoughts.  It would simply be nice to share my works with all you people out here on the internet!

How do I go about starting my self-publishing?  What if it’s not edited good enough?

First off, we are writers people, and our editing is never going to be good enough.  We will always find something wrong with what we wrote.  It is, unfortunately, the way of the writer.

To get started, I think I am simply going to do Kindle Digital Publishing, do the formatting myself, and have a lot of really good friends look over the work, edit it, and publish it.

What if no one ever reads my work?

Well, they probably won’t, but maybe Mom will!  The problem with the fear of self-publishing these days is that people think they will take off, and they probably won’t.  However, there has never been anything wrong with creating an amazing manuscript and sharing it with people, right?

The worst thing that could come of writing and publishing your own work is that someone may actually like it.   

We have been so trained since the Gutenberg Press has been created to think of our works as lowly and not worthy of sharing.  There is so much discussion on “what considers me a writer?”

Well, the truth is, 30% of people out there will like you, 30% of people won’t like you, and the other 40% will continue to be apathetic and indifferent to all the work you ever make.

So why not take a stab at it?

How are the rest of you analyzing and understanding this new era we live in?  Do you think that if you self-publish a total piece of crap-o-la (Chuck Wendig inspired me to curse on this post), that you can still consider yourself a writer?

At what point, can you give yourself the label “writer”?  When is someone finally deserving of this title?  Or is that time gone entirely?


2 thoughts on “Maybe Not IUniverse…

  1. Excellent plan 🙂 My one suggestion would be to add in a step where you hire a copy-editor to look over your work. You can find some online for less than a thousand dollars, and I think it’s worth it to have a professional read over your work. Friends are awesome, but having sent my manuscript through pretty much everyone I know, I can tell you that mistakes always slip through the cracks.

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