Money vs. Time

We rarely think about the differences between these two concepts.

I am about to turn 27 soon.  I have the following thoughts about the matter:

By the time I turn 27, I will have only lived about 9,855 days.

If I am given a dollar for every day I have lived, I have only $9,855.

I barely break $10,000.

Why is it that people live like they have 182,500 days in their life?   That’s 500 years, and it still doesn’t reach 1 million days.

We act more like we will live 1 million days.

How much is 1 million days?

Christ arrived on the earth only 734,745 days ago—-give or take.

Christ didn’t even exist one million days ago.

Yet, each human acts like we will live for one million days.

If I only get $9,855 for each day of life I live when I turn $27, I can barely buy a car.

So, what does this mean?

That the value of the dollar, in the human spiritual sense, is contrived.

We value our whole day much less than we value one dollar.

We have many less days on this planet than the dollars we receive.

Enjoy the gifts of the universe, my friends.

The worth and value of this one day in your lives is much more worth the dollar you find in your pocket.

Value every dollar.

Value every moment.

Value every second.

Value every day.

Never take for granted every bite you eat, breath your breathe, and word you say.  Never take for granted any of it.

Burn your dollar bills and find the blissful gifts of this moment.

Godspeed and keep writing!


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