Keep making art!

I want to make art every single day for the rest of my life. I am afraid but if I live a life without every moment dedicated to art and love I may end up is someone who doesn’t care, living life without any emotion.

I fear A life without emotions. Without emotions, we all might as well be dead.

Everything has a price. Understanding the value of everything is important. When I understand the value of my cereal in the morning to the warm embrace of someone who loves me in my bed at night, it becomes easy to see that money is trivial.

Money is the game. American people  have learned how to worship the dollar.

We are so spoiled in this country that we come up with sickness to explain the sadness we sometimes feel.

Kurt Vonnegut said in the last novel before he died that this country needs more artists.

I think he was very correct.

Now is the awakening for American art.

So lets do it yall!!!!


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