Why We Write


This is a topic I can’t stop writing about.  The reasons as to why we feel these need to express certain stories is the enigma of being human.  But why?  Why tell stories?  What is the point of telling stories?

For the longest time, I tried to think about this.  Stories are truly what humans are made up of.  When you have some valuable information to tell a friend, don’t you usually tell it in the form of a story?  When you are trying to express your deepest of feelings to a loved one, don’t you usually tell it in the form of a story?

Yes, you do.

That is why stories are so important, they hold a mythic quality to them.  The stories that we deem as valuable and classic to society are the ones that are told over and over again.

So, why write?

Write because it makes you feel good, first and foremost.  After getting close to finishing my story “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun”, I realize how this character has been a spiritual guide for me, in some ways.  I have created a hero who has lifted me up from the ashes, awakened me, and helped me see the true vision and calling of not only my writing, but my life.

Some part of me has healed, and I know this healing will be complete once I finish the manuscript, which is hopefully this weekend.

Do you see your main characters as your own spiritual guides?  How would you explain your own relationships with your main characters if you don’t see them as spiritual guides?


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