Finding Peace

Sometimes, I truly think the reason I write is because I am trying to find peace.  I think my mind has always been a fountain of chaos, the only way I can work it out is through art.  A lot of the time, I don’t think I know what I am trying to accomplish with my art other than that: an informed, undeniable sense of peace.

Why Writers Are Crazy

Writers and artists are crazy because their emotions always lead them.  Most have surrendered to following things like money in order to develop an understanding of themselves.  Because of this, they tend to not think too closely about things in a logical matter.

Writers are great at thinking with ill logic…. sometimes.  They get trapped in their emotions, and I think the majority of writers use this ambition to push their work out harder. 

The best writers are the ones who learn how to foster all of their emotional energy into their work.  Hence why they are so emotional, whimsical and indecisive.

….Or at least I am speaking for myself.  LOL.

How To Cope With Being A Writer

For one, meditate.  Meditate a hell of a lot.  When you aren’t meditating, write.  Write a hell of a lot.  When you aren’t doing that read.  When you aren’t doing that watch a movie, and when you aren’t doing that, make art.  Make art until your hands bleed.  Whenever you find your idle writer mind getting a lackluster feeling about the world, make art.  And then make more art.


I am afraid there are souls out there, like us writers, that need to be continually pontificating, wondering, enjoying life in awe—-because if we don’t, we could end up like Denzel Washington in the movie Flight, something I am sure none of us want to become.

And if you haven’t seen Flight, I recommend it….consider it as a deterrent to why all us artist types have to continue to be artist types:

It’s up for an academy award this year.

And now for your daily laugh…



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