“Imminent Danger: And How To Fly Right Into It”


Michelle Proulx’s novel “Imminent Danger, and How to Fly Straight Into It” is an excellent debut for an up and coming author.  This first book, intended to be part of a series, is about a young college-bound girl going to a boarding school.  After being abducted by an alien one night on campus, our main character, seventeen-year-old Eris, is taken away from her home planet of earth.

After being enslaved and captured by numerous kidnappers, Eris is eventually discovered by Varrin, a handsome, debonair fellow from the planet of Raskorian.  The description of Varrin’s planet is one of complete chaos: there are only two classes of people (“those who have, and those who have not”), everyone is beautiful, intelligent, and excellent fighters.  Basically, everything about Raskorian strength is superhuman compared to the regular earthling human (who many of the interstellar aliens consider “terrestrials” throughout the novel).  However, the Raskorian ethics and morals are a little underhanded compared to their terrestrial counterparts.

However, this is not just a story about traveling through space and fighting off aliens while trying to get back to planet earth.  The first book of this series is truly a romance, rife with the regular dramas and issues most couples deal with.  The realistic overtones of the two’s seemingly platonic relationship throughout the novel is truly the overarching theme of the novel.  The concept of being abducted into a foreign, interstellar environment only to find a confusing, ruthless man whom a woman finds handsome and overly magnetic is a tale that any every-day woman can relate to.  I like to consider this book a mix between Bridget Jones Diary and any episode of Star Trek—an epic, brilliant and refreshing twist to a boring published world filled with zombies and vampires.

What captivates me most of Proulx’s work is she self-published it.  The hideous and scary road of self-publishing can sometimes be a shocking road.  Many don’t feel the need to read self-published books because of misconceptions about editing, marketability, and even if the story has a solid plotline.  However, after reading Proulx’s work, I am incredibly impressed with this author’s ability to have a storyline, execute a plan, and develop a plot.  The whole book was written beautifully.  The story and plot line worked perfectly, with one action plot after the next.

For those of you who are interested in self-publishing, I definitely recommend reading Proulx’s work.  She is truly a great inspiration to all of us in the self-publishing world.  She reminds me that it’s okay to have great stories in your head, and its okay to share those stories as well.  She is a pioneer in a time when digital media is changing rapidly.  Even if you aren’t into Sci-Fi, I think any aspiring writer can become entranced with the amount of work, dedication, creativity, hope and love Proulx put into this novel.  Pick it up, ya’ll!

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(Hard copies and regular copies are available)

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