Remote Viewing/Goodbye Girl-Who-Rises-Sun

I only have 5500 words left until I have finished my manuscript.  I also just learned I have the amazing talent of remote viewing.  Take this test to see if you have remote viewing abilities too.  I got the first two pretty much right.  Sometimes, it makes me wonder how much I pick up from the universe and delve into my writing is also a form of remote viewing. 

5500 words left until Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, the first draft, is over.  It’s been quite the epic adventure.  I kind of feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend.  It’s hard to let go of her, this character, to see the story end, but I guess I sort of have to think of Girl-Who-Rises-Sun as my spiritual guide.

She came to me one day in the middle of the night.  She woke me up.  She told me to watch the sun rise.  Now, I look around, and my whole life has changed because of her.  I am more at peace with the truths of the universe.  I only have 5500 to spend with Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, until i have to say goodbye to her.  Then, all that is left of her is the copy of a copy of a copy (excuse my fight club cliche) and all I can do is feel her as though she was now.  

So, with that, I unleash the last outline:

45,500-46,500  Sun decides to go east, and get to “big rock” like the prophet told her.

46,500-47,500 Sun gets to Big Rock and she meets Hank, he can speak her language

47,500-48,500  They live together, they enjoy a happy life, and the story with Girl-Who-Rises-Sun is over

48,500-50,000  The end of the novel.  The Land of Many Skies prospers.  She is the hero in the stars.

Thank you Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, for coming into my life.  It will be tough to say goodbye to you, but the ride has been fantastic.  🙂

Do you all get this close to your characters too?  Has it ever been tough to say goodbye?  Or did you still feel “them” when you continued to edit?  (This is my first full manuscript ever!  WOOHOO!  So, I don’t know what to expect next!)

Also, am I the only remote viewer out there or are there other writer-remote viewers out there too?

Take this test to see if you are a remote viewer.


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