I will self publish

After reading Michelle Proloux’s book, Imminent Danger, I have become increasingly more interested in self-publishing.  I do believe that self-publishing is the way of the future, and I do have a lot of faith in myself with what I can do with self-publishing.

For the longest time I thought, “What’s the point in self-publishing?  No one will read my work anyway.”  But, I think the point behind self-publishing is how much do you believe in yourself.  Now that we live in the era we do live in, self-publishing has become much more easy.

In a way, us struggling writers are no more different from a band rockin’ out in their garage.  Except now, we have the internet to share our work.  We can produce books in the same way that CDs are published. 

An artist isn’t created because some publishing or record company “finds” them.  Some of the greatest artists become brilliant because of a long history of work that they have amassed over a lifetime. 

Plus, it’s something fun that I enjoy!

Finishing off Girl-Wh0-Rises-Sun

I am only 8,000 words from the end of where I want my story to be.  I guess the hard part is getting there, cultivating my story so that the plot works the way I want it too.  I understand that I can rewrite it, or whatnot, but I am not into that idea when I am trying to weave the plot together.

I do believe that there has to be some sort of deadline put on this though.  I do think I need to give myself a deadline and that is why I have chosen March 9th as the dead line.  I want to finish Girl-Who-Rises-Sun by my next birthday.  That would mean it took me 9 months to complete the first rough draft.  Wowzers!

Then, it will be time to go back and finish my story “The Wirey Web of Seymour’s Skull”.

Why I have decided to self-publish

I will always be a writer, a story maker, someone who has something to share.  This part of my personality will never diminish, and this is why I need to publish, to chronicle and archive these works.  They are part of me.

I have been collecting my body of works in an interesting way since I was 12 years old.  I still have every journal I have ever written in.  I have tried to move my body of work more out into the internet, but I assume, even as I get older, I will still want a chronicle of the thoughts that are going through my mind.  This is why I do write short stories and memoirs.  I am trying to hold onto things, understand them, analyze them. 

I will always be a writer, and because of that, I have to self-publish.


2 thoughts on “I will self publish

  1. You should absolutely self publish! It’s an amazing feeling, and even if you don’t sell ten thousand copies, so what? You get to hold something you wrote in your own hands, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that there are other people out there who have read and enjoyed your work. Do it!!! 🙂

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