Super Bowl Blitz

There is nothing like a good super bowl party to set you back into balance and equlibrium with the universe.  My husband and I are currently working on the idea of making an earthship, and so our friends were very busy last night drinking as many cans of beer as possible. 



My husband and I plan on making one of these bad boys out in the desert.  An earthship is made of recycled materials like tires, beer cans, bottles, and other recycle materials.  We want to get out there into nature, write our hearts out, and share it with the universe.  This village of earthships that we plan to create will also function as my husband’s art studio, where he is going to be able to make jewelry, work on sculptures and paint. 

The views from the property are endless too.  You can see the Sandia Mountains perfectly.  It’s going to be a great place to get away and start a sketch of the mountain.  Plus, I am hoping it gives me a place to do some work for my etsy shop.

Currently, my major inventory includes making 1000 paper cranes for weddings, paper flower bouquets, etc.  I plan on expanding my brand to include jewlery, glass blown ware, and even native desert plants (maybe I will make terrariums to sell?).

The point is that now I am going to have a place to mass-produce my art!!!!  Yay!!!!!

What do you all think?  Isn’t it exciting that we are creating a place of positivity, simply for it to exist in the world?!


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