Come to My Attention

So it has come to my attention that if I am going to continue to write under a pen name, I will continue to be blasted by friends and family about their connection to my blog posts.  GAGH!

My husband has discovered this blog, and was recently upset about a comment I published about how he told me to scrap the whole story of “Girl Who Rises Sun” and change it to a chick on a motorcycle.  He didn’t appreciate this banter I laid out on here, and for this I am sincerely apologetic.

The scary thing about writing and sharing your thoughts with the world is that they do get published, they are out there on the internet, floating around.  Your thoughts do start to take their own form of merit, and sometimes this power can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, friends – – when they read my stories – – they like to believe that these stories are about them.  They never are.  The stories I write aren’t about anyone I specifically know – – it’s a fictional character I have made up in my head.

Does anyone else come across this problem?  You write stories and your spouse or friends think the story is about them – – even when it’s not?


6 thoughts on “Come to My Attention

  1. You have my sympathies here. My advice is to remember that when you write, you write for you. If your friends and family think what you’ve written is about them, that’s something they’re going to have to get past.

  2. I agree Gus!!!!! I am not trying to delve into the personalities of those around me—this is something I do everyday anyway! lol I want a fresh perspective of someone new when I write fiction, not someone I already know—how boring.

  3. Writing under a pen name is the best thing I chose to do! Only a few close friends/family know the connection, to everyone else I am just a new author on the scene. Although… I recently posted my husband’s latest comment about a character- he was surprised I’d post his words, but he didn’t mind ultimately.

    • I agree. This pen name has allowed me to free up my mind and truly turn into the kind of author I aspire to be. There is something about having your real name out there being tossed back and forth too. Plus, I truly do value my anonymity. It’s refreshing and it takes down the walls of my creativity to see the broader vision!

  4. I kind of wish I hadn’t told my friends/family about my blog sometimes. It’s liberating to be able to write about whatever you want without judgement, but it’s hard when people you know in the real world are reading your blog, because then you have to make sure you aren’t saying anything that might possibly offend them. Of course, the trade off is that you get their support, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion 😀 I do sometimes think about writing under a pen name and not telling anyone about it, but I’m not sure I’m clever enough to get away with it!

    • Yeah, it’s been tough. I am not going to lie. I have had to create a whole new email, twitter, and facebook to keep my identity hidden! However, I am little relaxed about it on this site, but I try harder every day to hide my identity. Too funny, but there is something in the secrecy of it all that helps me thrive. ❤

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