Get me some Mescaline

What an amazing weekend of kicking asses and taking names.  This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard play his guitar in Red River, New Mexico.  There are some amazing similarities between song writing and novel writing, that is for sure.  It makes me remember that I have to get back on my guitar and get out there.

Doing different types of art helps keep my brain more active.  It allows my mind to stretch and make the connections necessary to get what I need to have done. 

I had an exciting hunch this weekend, listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard playing his guitar at that Honky Tonk in Red River, New Mexico after I had a couple shots, a couple beers.  I guess that hunch started to emerge more as I crossed the landscape of New Mexico, this true land of enchantment. 

Being an artist and living in New Mexico is what I was made to do, I think.  Now that I have finally established my career as a librarian, I have much more time to focus on my art.  The flexibility of my schedule also gives me the leeway to do other things that I may not be able to do with a very stressful job.

I moved back to New Mexico because of a John Steinbeck novel, “Travels with Charlie”.  I had lived for a brief time in Chicago, near Michigan avenue.  The city was fun, but the people were too fast.  The trains were too loud.  The energy was too frantic.  I didn’t like living in a city where everyone wanted their voice to be heard.

It’s different in the desert.  You can only hear your own voice.  The energy, the calm-overwhelming feeling of the landscape overwhelms a person’s heart.  It echoes through my soul and reminds me that I have always been an artist.  It’s the way I cope with life. 

As I finish writing “Girl Who Rises Sun”, a funny thing has happened to me.  My secret identity self has been given the opportunity to write a book review for a literary magazine called Cactus Heart Press.  This will be the first thing I’ve ever had truly published if it happens, and it’s proof that my one year of work sending out stories has fruitioned into some meaningful connections that have allowed me to get published.    Let’s see though, it seems that all the opportunities I get to get published eventually disintegrate and die into the ground.  LOL.  Maybe this will be the chance I finally get, we’ll see.

The book that was sent for me to review is called “Recapture” by Erica Olsen.  The author lives in the four corners area, and her work is all about living in the west.  I love it.  It reminds me of my own story.

After going to the publisher’s website, I was surprised to hear that “Girl Who Rises Sun” falls within the same context as this publisher.  My work is the same genre as this author. 

I had goosebumps when I looked at what this publisher is looking for.  Torrey Press is the name of the publishing company and their slogan is “writing the new west”.  I hope that’s what happens.

It’s tough to get to the end of a first draft of a novel, mostly because this my first time doing so.  It feels like another era has sort of ended, like it’s time to let go of this epic story. 

I have other stories though, and I guess that’s what I learned from Ray Wylie Hubbard this weekend.  “If you want to be good at something, don’t learn how to do anything else.”

LOL, and now for your old west moment of honky tonk:


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