Applied for a Writer’s Conference

This morning I did something crazy. I applied to a writer’s conference. A Room of her Own’s Foundation is hosting a writing conference in Abiuqui, New Mexico at Ghost Ranch, the place where Georgia O’Keefe lived as she made all of her famous paintings. The retreat is set to happen over the summer.

I don’t have any money right now to spend $1000 on a retreat. So, I simply applied for some financial assistance. I noticed that one of their scholarships includes the New Mexico Resident award. This award goes to a writer with a strong connection to the land. I guess we will see what happens.

I haven’t had much luck with successful writing this year. I had one story that made it to some major levels of judgement. However, I haven’t heard anything back from it, and my intuition tells me that I won’t. That doesn’t mean I should not stop trying either.

I also applied with this alias, Marla Rose Brady. It’s the name I like to hide under. It’s the secret name I want to start over with my writing career.

This is one of the parts that trips me out. If I go to the conference, the people there are going to call me “Marla”—which isn’t even my real name. It’s a fake name. It’s a pen name. I can’t explain the joy I would feel to hear people call me that name in my real life—like the writer side of me has finally emerged from within me, like I’ve overcome the adversity of being this little librarian that I am in the day, and transformed into this momentous super hero artist named “Marla”.

My intuition tells me they won’t give it to me. Only 116 people have applied, so maybe there is a chance? I am not going to bog my mind down with the thoughts. I am just going to believe that I should be given the opportunity.

My intuition does tell me that I will be going to the ALA Conference via my current employer. I’ll be heading out to Chicago this summer to have a fantastic conference in Chitown. I get the feeling this is already in the bag.

Setting up the last 10,000 words of my Novel

Now that I am finishing the last 10,000 words of my novel, I think it’s important to structure the last few movements out.  If I don’t, I get the feeling I will crash and burn and lose all ambition (as scary as that sounds):

10,000 Prophet approaches Girl-Who-Rises-Sun

9,000   Goodbye dinner for Sun and Little Eagle

8,000  Lost in the Desert

7,000  Owl Woman Returns

6,000  Sun meets the Gods and Other Indigo Children

5,000  Indigo Children & Gods Decide on a Solution

4,000  Sun continues East to Big Rock

3,000 Sun reaches Big Rock, Meets Henry

2,000 Sun lives the rest of her life with Henry and Little Eagle

1,000  The Land of Many Skies Prosper, Always tell the story of Girl-Who-Rises-Sun who will forever be in the stars


It looks like it’s getting close to the end of the tale.  I am SO EXCITED to unleash this to all of you through Authonomy.  I tried Textnovel, but I like how with authonomy you can share your work with multiple people. 

This is a three-day weekend for me……  Maybe this weekend I will finish????

Fingers crossed!!!!!


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