Why I Write

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this for a while, especially when my husband (my greatest art critic next to you fine people) told me to scrap the whole idea I have and to continue on with just a chick on a motorcycle in the desert.

The reason is because even after he told me he didn’t like the idea, I still feel an obligation to finish my story. I am only 10 sittings away from reaching the end of the story. Shortly after I finish, I plan on making the whole manuscript available for free on Authonomy for any of you all to read, peruse, comment, etc.

As writers, I think one of our greatest fallback is (1) our love for money, fame and (2) our inability to let go of our greatest works.

This isn’t going to be the last novel I write, as strange as that sounds. There will be another that comes after Girl-Who-Rises-Sun. Our next hero will arise from the ashes, and I will bring them to life with my pen, and when the day permits it, I will let go of my creation, and let it unleash into the world with all the fury, thoughts and perceptions it holds.

It’s time to let go. To let my stories rise and grow and be part of the universe.


Which brings me to my next point: Scrivener. I need to purchase this program. It’s an amazing writing program that I gathered makes it easy to format ebooks especially when you are trying to sell them through Kindle. I plan on using this program to market my short stories of 2012. I think it’s a fun way to get started with editing, publishing, etc.

Editing Process

This is the part where it gets hard. Now, I actually have to go through those short stories again and edit them down to the way I like them, to think about what it is that I am trying to say, and give those works that “Marla” spin….eeek.

I plan on printing all the works out, reviewing them, and then scribbling my little red pen on them. Once I plan on putting them on Kindle, the book of short stories will only cost $1. However, if you follow my blog, I will email you you a coupon code so you can get the book on your kindle and other devices for free—-but you have to be a follower on my blog 😉

Until tomorrow my artists, my dreamers, my connection-makers. We aren’t living meaningless lives as writers, we are simply living. I think for the majority of us, writing is just how we express to one another what we feel, it is the extension of how we feel. Creating our own finished product and work and sharing that with the world isn’t crazy, it’s necessary. And if you ever feel like no one will ever read your work, don’t fret, because like I said, a lot of people don’t read. Take it from me, the librarian. 🙂


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