An artist today

It’s snowing down here in Albuquerque New Mexico. I’m excited because I got this voice app on my new cellphone.  I’ve never done a blog post with a cell phone app but I’m finding it to be very easy. 

I like continue girl who rises sun, the plot is starting to easily unfold on itself.  I’ve come across this great website called a and it’s promoted by Harper Collins publishing.

What makes of different from is that you have a more marketable group of people looking at your work.  I get the feeling that when Harper Collins find a popular writer through this website they are also getting a good gauge of how many people are also going to buy the book. 

I like this way of publishing because it allows me to be part of the marketing world and it also allows me to be part of the literary world and also see how my book stands up against other competitive writers who are also trying to break into the market.

Well my novel isn’t up yet on the site I plan on putting it up this evening.  The site requires that you have at least 10,000 words in formatted chapters to put on the site before becomes you are viewable to their writing community.

Do any of you other writers out there know of a good writing community?  Do you know a good place to get your novel out there or just share your work with people who will actually read it?

Let me know because I’m interested. 

I only have 10,000 words to go and I’ll be ready to share. 🙂


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