Finishing the Novel

Creative blocks are the worst. I think one of the hardest thing about being a writer is the constant struggle I have with my own work. I have trouble finishing thoughts, getting through it, and being in touch with my stories. It takes a FUCK LOAD of energy. Excuse my french.

I recently started doing some meditations on Meditation Oasis with Mary Maddox. I think these meditations are helping me clear my mind so it’s been easier to think clearly about my creative visions.

I am only 10,000 words away from finishing my manuscript “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun”. I will be posting the final product shortly….see what everyone out there thinks of it. I guess it’s the only way that I truly know how to experience the world, through writing. Sometimes, half of the battle is just sharing those thoughts with someone, anyone who wants to hear it.

I’ve stopped becoming so attached to my works. I know I need to let go of them a wee bit. I need to let them morph, and kind of like children, let them grow up and do their own thing. Go off onto the internet to change people’s thoughts and perceptions. it’s just an idea, an intense idea that I will disperse onto here somewhere, a quiet story among the madness.

My husband recently told me that I needed to scrap the whole plot to “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun” altogether.

“She should be a native american woman on a motorcycle, in modern times, with guns and hitting up bars,” he tells me, “That’s why everyone likes Tony Hillerman.”

Tony Hillerman is one of Albuquerque’s literary heros. Great. He even has a library named after him here in the city. Great.

I never was a fan of Tony Hillerman’s work. It’s so falsely New Mexican, in my own opinion. I don’t find coyotes howling to the moon or making enchiladas very New Mexican, it feels so falsely New Mexican. I have always thought of my land, although I am white, as a land of different cultures melding and finding meaning together. New Mexico is filled with ancestors of Spanish, Native American, white, and immigrant countries. We are from so many places in the world. There was truly nothing in the American southwest 500-years ago. We are the last frontier, and that’s probably why guns will always be legal down here. It’s the Old West.

I feel like my story “Girl Who Rises Sun”, is much more New Mexican than any of Tony Hillerman’s books. It shows how our relations to each other through different cultures really helps us transcend where we are going, what our true meaning is, and what it means to have your voice heard.

Oh, rants, rants, rants…. You all know me too well.

What about you all? How’s it going with your writing? Any exciting news?


7 thoughts on “Finishing the Novel

  1. Actually I think you are right, I would rather read what I feel is authentic, spending time in a culture or history is me preferred choice. Maybe a motorcycle rider is fine but between the two sitting on the self yours would leave with me.

    • Yay! i am glad i have some understanding about this…I think the story with the motorcycle would be cool, I just have to finish this thought first, you know? i will finish my perspective on it first…then rewrite it when im ready.

      • It’s hard when you have a set idea and somewhere there is a pull towards another direction, my problem is I feel the original idea is what got the beginnings going and I want to see where this will take me on it’s own. Weird I know but I made a file where I put all these suggestions to be picked up at a later date – too bad my computer down taking those note with it. Oh well I got news ones to replace them anyways

      • I feel the same way. I told my husband I plan on finishing the story to the end this time around, and I want to keep an exact copy of the original journey, the rawest form of the journey, because I am afraid I will forget what the journey was about to begin with.

  2. I don’t think you should ever change it based on someone else’s ideas. You have to write your ideas. If your husband thinks that’d be a great story, let -him- write it. Whenever I ask people for ideas or feedback about my novel, I try to remember to consider what they’re saying, but at the same time to stay true to my story and myself and not take all the advice that I get if I disagree with it.

    I’m not sure how I would feel about someone telling me to scrap the entire plot of my novel. If you remove the whole plot and start a new one, you are essentially creating a new novel entirely, are you not? So why not leave your current novel as it is, and, if you -truly- feel inspired by your husband’s idea, write a new novel. If you don’t feel inspired, then don’t write it. There are a lot of popular books in a lot of different genres that are -completely- different from each other, yet all successful. And I am of the firm belief that you should never write something just because it’s a “popular” style or genre. Write only what you -want- to write, or you’re going to take the joy out of writing.

    • Agreed!!! I really don’t see myself writing about a Native American woman on a motorcycle hitting up all the bars….THAT’S SO NOT WHAT I WAS GOING FOR. LOL. That is what makes writing so authentic. He can try and change my epic saga about Girl-Who-Rises-Sun into what he thinks it should be, but at the end of the day, I am the writer!!

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