After living in my alter-ego for a while, some harsh realities have brought me back to the earth. After experiencing another miscarriage, I have had to rearrange the way I think about my work. It’s been upsetting to disappear for a while, but it’s true that I am back.

My current novel “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun” is currently at about 38,000 words. I think that over the weekend I will try and pound out the next 2000 words. It will feel monumental to be only 10,000 words closer to the end of my story.

Last night, my husband told me that I should change my character from a Native American woman running through the woods into a woman riding across New Mexico on a motorcycle. Part of me wants to do this, but another part of me greatly does not want to it.

I can only be an artist. I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to follow this passion. I haven’t been forced to tune down my creativity because my job allows me to see the broadened destiny ahead of me. I think I will just finish the novel as it is. I know that I am a white woman writing from a Native American perspective, but part of me has such a connection to the character, I can’t wait to share her with you all here.

I am trying to get back into the groove of this. I will back later to let you know. I need to start working on my haikus again. Those helped me stay so in the moment, you know? I am very upset with myself for letting this blog by and not staying connected with you all fine writers. But I will be back, this is for sure. I miss you all way too much. ❤


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