Coming to the end

Alright, so far, I am at about 34000 words. It’s exciting stuff. I think this is the only time, in my life, where I was able to push the envelope on my writing. It feels like this epic marathon of words and excitement!

For some reason, the textnovel site is not working for me right now, which freaks me out, because that is the only place I have actually saved my work. Scary stuff. What if this story just gets lost to the masses? That would be a freaky thing.

Now that I am close to being done, I am looking for potential editors? If anyone who visits my blog once in a while is interested, just let me know. I will be ready for editing next.

Other interesting sites that I am starting to like is one called “Authonomy”, an interesting site where you can post your manuscript and share it with the world! Can you believe that? I am so thankful to live during the internet age. However, it can be a bit overwhelming with so much content around. It starts to feel like nothing will rise to the top.

The only way to become successful sometimes just feels like becoming this mega-marketers. It’s crazy. I just want to share my work!!!!!!

If you are interested in a manuscript when I am finished, comment below. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Coming to the end

      • With modern features, books can be distributed electronically with reference to one PC is not transferable to other persons in any country or prevent copying of text format in.pdf. On your blog you can install the tools for you receive payments for purchased books with multiple payment systems. Publishers (and agents) may not be needed, if you can create a book … However, in it case the need to Public Relation in the country, to the language will be translated it book.

        Regards Michael

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