Henry Darger

So, I was recently asked to do a book review for Cactus Heart Press.  I am very excited about this because I noticed I am starting to write more book reviews, which is quite exciting for me.  I do love living in other worlds and exploring different dimensions and places.  I hate living in the real world.  It’s too trite for my heart.  I don’t want to become bitter in this life.

I guess that is why I write and make art and try to live my life selling and making art.  I still know that I need to get a camera, it would make this blog so much better, really hone in on the things that I am trying to produce here. 

I guess I just feel like my life is so fleeting sometimes, like one day it’s here, and the next it will be gone.  Sometimes, I worry that a monstorous body of work I leave behind will be more creepy than anything like Henry Darger.

Darger was a writer too, except he liked to paint pictures of his characters too.  I love Darger’s work, it’s such an amazing commentary on how we live our lives.  Although Darger was insane, his symbolism was heart-breaking.  For instance, all the children were heroes in his stories.  The evil enemies were men with graduation caps.  He wrote long, epic stories about the children and young girls, many of the stories ending with tragic death and gore.


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