Deadlines and Babies

Sorry my posts have been few and far between, ya’ll.  I recently just learned that I am going to be a mother come May.  It gives me even more incentive to pump out my two manuscripts before the little one arrives.  

Somehow, I can visualize editing while having kids, but there is something about the creative process that I am a tad worried about.  

However, with my hormones raging and my emotions at an all time high, I am sure I will be able to capture some epic plots in my writing. 

My newly defined way to understand my characters is interesting.  I have experienced some interesting correlations with Girl-WHo-Rises-Sun.

This blog post is brief, but I just want to keep the posts consistently running.  I have the rest of October to finish the manuscript for Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, then November will be dedicated to finishing “The Wirey Web of Seymour’s Skull.”   It’s time to finish some projects.  I only have a few months!!!


4 thoughts on “Deadlines and Babies

  1. Congratulations to you!
    Stop worrying. What will be will be and your little one will take precedence for a while. Creativity takes different forms. Yours is prime. 🙂

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