Strange Correlation with Character

Um, I don’t know how to put this, or even how to explain this, but I guess I will try to explain this right now.

My character recently learned she was pregnant.  I have been planning this to happen to her since I started writing the story.  I just want able to whip out the next chapter.  Feel free to read it, and then towards the end, I’ll explain why it’s strange.

The next day, she woke up early before Man-In-The-Night.   She slowly got out of bed and walked out of the front doorway, out into the desert.  Before the sun rises, all she can see are the stars in the skies.  She thinks about the heroes her ancestors told her about and how all of them are laden in the stars, memorialized by the gods for eternity.

Before she can make out the heroes in the sky, the sun lights up the dawn’s sky the stars slowly fade away.  A new day has begun.  She tries to think about when she should escape.  She thinks about leaving in the night.  The dawn starts to take effect, and Girl-Who-Rises-Sun hears a woman’s voice from behind her. 

“Good morning, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun,” the voice says in the language from the Land of Many Skies.  When Girl-Who-Rises-Sun turns around, she sees it’s the prophet woman, with her long gray hair, and wrinkles from smiling so much.

“Good morning,” is all Girl-Who-Rises-Sun replied, “Why are you here?  Do you know where Owl Woman went?”

“I do not know where Owl Woman went to,” the prophet closed her eyes, “nor do I know if you will ever see her again.”  With that, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun started to look shocked and scared.  The prophet continued, “Do not worry though.  Owl Woman is always with you, and even more than that, Owl Woman is always inside of you too.”

For a moment, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun and the prophet simply watched the sun rise over the vast desert.  The oranges and reds of the rising sun sprawled across the desert land, blessing ever grain of sand in the desert with the sun’s glory.

“I have come to tell you of the future, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun,” the prophet said in the silence and majestic moment of the day’s beginning.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun turned her head from the dawn, staring at the prophet directly in the eyes.  The prophet smiled as she gleamed into the blue reservoirs of the girl’s eyes.   The moment was tense when the prophet started to speak, “I know that you are thinking about leaving this man, escaping tonight into the violent night like you have planned to do for a couple days now.  However, I need to let you know some important information before you decide to do this.

“I have seen how stubborn and arrogant you become when someone tells you what to do without reason.  I have seen you act this way with Owl Woman.  It is not uncommon for indigo children, such as you, to have this sort of effect on people.  It is not uncommon for indigo children not to take directions, especially when they so greatly need them.

“Indigo children always do what they want.  I am an indigo as well, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  So, I understand your heedless attempt to only follow your own desires.  Sometimes, indigo children truly get to where we need to go because of our stubborn attempts.  However, we are blindsided most of the time by our own needs and fulfillment.

“It is good to follow your soul when it speaks to you, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, but the unfortunate thing for us is that we are women.  As women, our journey will always be more different than it is for men.  We experience the world in such a different way, and sometimes, our nurturing love delays the ruthless compassion we have to reach our own horizons.”

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun furrowed her eyebrows inquisitively and said, “What do you mean?”

The prophet took a deep breath, and then gently whispered over the morning desert wind, “You are with child right now, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  You will be giving birth to a child.”

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun put her hands over her belly.  After the prophet had said this, she could feel the life buzzing within her.  She knew what the prophet was saying.  In the last few days, she had felt slightly different.  Her emotions roared with fear and anxiety.  She noticed and sensed every movement around her.  She could feel everyone’s emotions more.  She had become a sentimental being in a matter of days.

“How do you know?” Girl-Who-Rises-Sun asked.

“I just know,” the prophet said.   A silence permeated between the two indigo children.  Although Girl-Who-Rises-Sun had to ask her how, she knew how the prophet knew.  Girl-Who-Rises-Sun had also experienced clairvoyant visions.  She had experienced her first the night she ran away from the Land of Many Skies.  She had run into the desert because of the great vision she had.

In her vision, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun was herding a giant flock of sheep in the middle of the desert.  Over the night sky, she could see the stars as the sun started to set, and behind her she could feel the presence of strong men.  She was surrounded by strong men.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun looked out at the rising sun again.  She noticed the different shades of the light.  When she turned around, the prophet was gone again.  Girl-Who-Rises-Sun closed her eyes and could sense that the prophet was still there.  She put her hands on her belly, felt the wind charge against her skin, and she whispered out to the rising sun, “Thank you.”

She knew she couldn’t escape now.  She had to stay here with Man-In-The-Night.  She couldn’t survive a pregnancy by herself; she knew this to be true.  She needed the help of any women around her that she could find.  The first two women that came to mind were the servants who helped her prepare for the wedding.  There were few women around who could prepare her for this new journey, but she knew she couldn’t do this without people.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun put her hand up to her throat, fearing the evil violence Man-In-The-Night had inflicted on her before.  She grew angry with grief, remorse, but more than anything, she grew angry with hate.  Girl-Who-Rises-Sun was shocked how greatly she could hate someone who, at one point, she surely believed she loved.  However, she knew these feelings of hate were true.   She refused to spend her life with Man-In-The-Night after the violence he had inflicted on her.

She knew that Man-In-The-Night was not the reason she had traveled this far out into the desert.  The vision that forced her to run away from the Land of Many Skies promised her a place surrounded by strong masculine energy.  This is why she did not marry Believer.   Although Believer could kill the most strenuous buffalo, skin and gut the animal down to its meat, she had seen the way he dealt with his feelings.  When asked if he could do something he didn’t want, Believer simply yelled at whoever questioned his desire and command.  She didn’t want to believe that Man-In-The-Night was the same, but after he had taken away her ability to breathe, she knew this man to be weak as well. 

Only weak men yell or lash out on others for their own desires or commands.  Strong men rarely do this.  Strong men merely ask for what they want, and they simply receive.  Strong men are in alignment with the universe.  They speak to the secret of the universe, and the universe speaks back with anything that they need or desire.  Only weak men try to squeeze and manipulate the universe into giving it everything they want, and when they do this, weak men rarely receive.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun knew this because she remembered her own father.  He was a good negotiator with the rest of the village.  Although he wasn’t the chief of the tribe, his negotiation skills and relationships with others always allowed Girl-Who-Rises-Sun’s family to have everything that they needed.  When they needed wool for blankets, her father went throughout the town, asking everyone what he could do in order to buy some wool from them.  If they needed water from the river, her father would take giant buckets down to the river, and bring pail after pail to the house until there was enough water for days. 

He never yelled at Girl-Who-Rises-Sun’s mother.  He simply agreed, and when he didn’t agree, he negotiated.  He was a man in alignment of the universe.  He was more evolved than weaker men who simply yelled their way to their own desires.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun’s father died a noble man at an old age.  When he passed away, everyone in the village had something good to say about him.  Most described him as gentle, humorous, good-natured, outgoing, and dedicated—but Girl-Who-Rises-Sun knew they were simply describing him as strong.  He was a strong man who knew how to take care of his wife and two daughters.  It takes a strong man to understand the needs of women, and to raise two girls to be women.  He was the man who gave her the name Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.

She knew she was expecting with Man-In-The-Night’s child, but this did not faze her.  She knew that men like Man-In-The-Night did not deserve the role of fatherhood.  She would simply stay here for her own benefit during the pregnancy, but once the child arrived, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun would simply disappear into the desert once again.  However, this time she would disappear forever.

 This is strange because I learned I am pregnant this weekend.

Creepy, just in time for Halloween too?  LOL.

I’m going to be a MOM!!

If you want to follow my crazy story more, follow it on  I’ll be finished with the first draft by the end of this October.  🙂


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