Editing Time!

Wowzers, ya’ll.  This whole textnovel stuff is really racking my brain.  I’ve been working on Girl-Who-Rises-Sun everyday now, and I can feel myself pushing out the plot.  It’s exciting and enticing!  This weekend will begin the editing process, something, I am afraid to say, I am very scared of, but I feel like I am ready for it.

Why I Think I Am Ready For the Editing Process

After finishing about 23,000 words, I realize that I am almost half way through the rough draft.  Wow!  Call that the half-marathon of novel writing.  I want to sit down with a fancy red pen and scribble all over it now.  Yay!

Whenever I start to feel down on myself, I will simply draw hearts everywhere to alleviate the stress.  LOL!

But who cares!  I am half-way finished.

Gearing to Finish First Draft by Oct. 31st

Halloween is a good time to come to an end with my spiritual journeys through fiction.  After that, I will probbaly tuck this baby in somewhere, then when my mind is fresh of it, take it out, edit it with red pen all over again, and then create a “clean draft”.

The Clean Draft

This is the draft that I will feel confident about.  Since I am going to be jumping head first into my creative journeys for my second novel, “The Wirey Web of Seymour’s Skull”, it doesn’t look like I will be able to create a clean draft of either of these bad boys until 2013.  No big deal. 

What do I do after I’m done?

This is the scary part I don’t really want to think about.  It terrifies me to think of my work just sitting on a shelf with no one to read it.  I guess I’ll try to get it published?  I guess I will send it to publishing houses.  I mean, I guess? 

But this is so much more different than a short story.  This is my whole being. It’s the work I’ve worked so hard on….

Thank goodness all this stress can wait until next year.

Editing here I come!!

Happy writings this weekend, friends!


4 thoughts on “Editing Time!

  1. Hey, good luck! I just posted about editing myself, before I read this. I find personally that if I allow myself to start editing before the rough draft is done, I never get around to finishing it

  2. Also, I was curious after reading a bit of your story if you had ever considered altering her name? Only because it’s so long and grammatically odd.. (not trying to be a downer, just my personal taste!) If I were you, I would do one of two things:

    1) Give her a name at the beginning that is made up and shorter, and just let the audience know that her name means “Girl Who Rises Sun” (or preferably something like “Girl who makes the sun rise” since “Girl who rises sun” is unclear).
    2) Call her what you have called her, but call her by a shortened version most of the time. Like “Sun.”

    Feel free to ignore me if you love her name as Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, just putting in my two cents. 🙂 For me, it made it feel somewhat clunky to read because the name is so long and, I’m a bit of a grammar freak and it bugs me that “rise” is not something you can do to something.. I mean you don’t “rise the sun” you -make- the sun rise. I’m sure you know this, though, and I get it that it’s supposed to be the meaning of a name translated, but I guess I look at it as.. if Girl-Who-Rises-Sun speaks whatever language they speak, then her name to her and others would not sound as long/odd as “Girl-Who-Rises-Sun,” because in their language the grammar would be normal and the name would likely be shorter. What do you think?

    (Again, not saying it’s bad, just my personal taste, and feel free to totally ignore me. You are the genius of your own story, not me 🙂 )

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