Methods For Finishing Novel

This month, is going to have a competition for all submissions more than 50,000 words.  The nice thing about the challenge is it forces us all to reach that many words by Oct. 31st.  It’s been an inspiring way to finish some stuff up.  I plan on finishing Girl-Who-Rises-Sun up by the end of October, so maybe it will be here and readily available for reading soon.  🙂


This is a project that happens in November.  Participants need to be able to finish writing a manuscript by the end of the month.  I am going to use this competition to try and finish my “Wirey Web of Seymour’s Skull” story.  It’s become frighteningly apparent that I need to start actually finishing these projects, instead of putting them off until inspiration hits.

To be a writer, I need to write

Sadly, I just came up with this realization just today.  I mean, I knew that to be a writer, they had to write, but I guess I never thought about how much we all need to write.  A good goal for me should be to start writing about 1,000 words a day of a story I am progressively working on.

If I did that every day, I could have enough material for 5 novels a year.  Interesting when we break it down like that, isn’t it?

So, I guess these are my new goals.  I need to start writing to write.  I need to publish to publish.  I need to create for the sake of creating.  I’ve centered my whole day around this.

Since I am a librarian, I constantly feel as though I work in the storage facility of all the great writers.  It’s the closest thing I can get to that natural, internal creativity.  It’s the closest I can be to brilliance until some of it eventually rubs off.  Let’s hope at least.

Do you all have specific methods for trying to finish a novel?


9 thoughts on “Methods For Finishing Novel

  1. I love Nanowrimo!!! It’s what helped me start writing again and begin to actually commit and take my writing seriously after a few years of putting my passion to the side for school and other responsibilities. I was planning to blog about Nanowrimo someday, but have yet to do it. x)

    I’m really bad at keeping set goals, too, though. I always tell myself that I will write 1000 or so words every day, but then I procrastinate if I’m not feeling it that day, or if I’m busy with other things.

    The best thing I did for myself with my current project was to figure out the ending really early on, so I know what I am working towards. I’m at about 76,000 words so far, and I think it will be finished at around 90-100,000 words (maybe?). But I had almost a whole month of not working on it, until I bought a new journal and started handwriting (see my last blog post). Other than that, I’m visiting family for Christmas and promised myself I will finish it by then. I think with me the trick is setting realistic goals, keeping in mind that I’m going to college and have other things going on in life. When I try to force it too much, it becomes work and then I procrastinate. x) So I have to give myself lots of time (like 3 months for 24,000 words – should be easy, it takes off the pressure and I have a feeling I’ll finish early!). Of course, if I was actually a full-time writer making a living off of this, I might have to work a little harder to stick to a real schedule, but since right now it’s just a dream, I can be “gentle” with myself while still kicking my butt to get it finished. xD

    • Oh yeah, and also I realized that Nanowrimo helped me so much because I loved updating my word count on the Camp Nanowrimo website! That’s what helped get me so far on my current project. Before that, I had never bothered to look at my word counts, and I think it made it feel like I was hardly progressing at all. But when you keep track of your word count, it feels like your progress is more tangible, more significant. Did you know that they do Camp Nanowrimo all the time, not just in November? Of course, now the next one might be in November, but I think they do it every other month or so.. I’ve also made use of their forums for support and help with plot holes and ideas. I really need to blog about this. x)

      • It’s true. I love how they keep the wordcounts. They do it on textnovel too. It starts to remind me of when I used to train for half marathons, you start counting the distance in your head and brace yourself towards the end, very invigorating. Oh,…if only I could do a marathon…ultimate dream ever, have to wait for that one, lol

    • Totally!! That’s nice to know I am not the only one who wants to use these different programs to jumpstart my writing. It seems to me that I should probably be writing 1000 words a day if I really want to be getting to the end of these stories. These stories are only alive if I bring them to life, and yesterday I kind of started to realize that: writers write. lol

  2. I too am doing NaNoWriMo, against my better judgment. Right now, I’m sort of going through “training,” outlining the hell out of my work-in-progress so when November 1st comes along, I’m not wasting time figuring things out. Just write, baby.

    I used to dislike the artificial deadline imposed by NaNoWriMo, only because I dislike deadlines in general. But as a writer, you often times have to work under a strict deadline. Even if the NaNoWriMo deadline is meant to be fun and not teeth-gnashing.

    • LOL, I agree so much with the hating deadline thing. It’s like, we’re writers, you know? We go with the flow. But I think it’s good to have deadlines too. It keeps me on track, and it allows me to realize that none of these projects truly exist unless I finish them. I need to stop talking about them and I need to finish them. Scary! lol

  3. I started on Textnovel and it was an awesome way to encourage me to complete my novel faster. Nanowrimo,I tried before TN,but didn’t work for me. But do like their script frenzy:) Good luck in the TN contest!

    • Thanks Amber! Yeah, I don’t know how much more addicting Nanowrimo will be for me. Textnovel is so addictive! Getting to know all the other people working on their novels and seeing who has what. It’s wonderful! I am so glad I found textnovel and you too! ❤

  4. NaNo is a fantastic experience! I’ve been doing it since 2005, and actually finished three or four manuscripts. 🙂 I won’t be participating this year, but I highly recommend it. (The write-ins with local writers was one of my favourite – and most productive – times!)

    I think there’s something to be said for the practice of coming back to work on something and keeping at it until it’s done. Don’t know if I have any advice, per se, but I do think that sometimes, waiting is good, and other times, it’s necessary to just finish. (I say to you as much as to me!)

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