Living in a Fantasy World

The Writer’s Universe of Fantasy Worlds

Living in fantasy worlds isn’t as easy as the writers in the movies make it out to be.  In the movies, I have noticed that most writers are recluses.  I guess the same could be said for myself, but I like to think of myself as more socially-outgoing than the average writer, even if the reality of this situation is false.

Possible Solution: Stop Talking About You Novel

My husband has had it.  He is tired of hearing about Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  He pretends, nods, and does all the things a polite husband is supposed to do, but the problem is that I am talking about a world that doesn’t exist.  Most of us live in this world with very concrete perimeters.  It becomes increasingly difficult for people in the real world to relate to you fictional world, and in many ways, they aren’t too interested.

I have decided that it’s probably best if I stop talking about what I am working on.  If someone wants to read it, they will, and if the character or a certain situation is pertinent to something happening in life, I will discuss it.  However, I can’t talk about it anymore.

Every time I tell someone what I am working on, I see the listless look in their eyes that seems to say, “Are you okay?”

It’s difficult to work on something when you have very few avenues to discuss it.

I guess I’ll focus all my novel talk into this blog now.

What about all of you?  How do you cope with living in your fictitious world when the real world seems baffled by it?


12 thoughts on “Living in a Fantasy World

  1. People who don’t write, don’t get it.
    Husbands learn to get it in the end, because they’re stuck with it. Even then they don’t really get it. I have one writer friend with whom I lunch occasionally and ring sometimes to bleat about things writer-y. She does the same. I have long ago decided that a) talking about my work somehow diminishes it and makes it harder to write and b) makes people’s eyes glaze over with total disinterest and lack of comprehension.
    That’s part of the reason for my blog. I yak and you all listen and contribute. You are part of my tribe, my newly discovered tribe of individuals who do get it.
    If you focus your novel talk into your blog, I will come and listen and maybe comment too. So will others. That’s the tribe. We promise to get it.

    • yay! thank you Pat! You are truly right here. That is how I feel too, I just need to discuss it with my fellow loveable bloggers. We are a tribe of creatives! Exciting stuff. I love how you used the word “tribe” too because it’s how I feel too. ❤

  2. Putting the fictitious world aside, it’s difficult sometimes to have a spouse that seems, on the surface, to be sympathetic regarding your writing, but really wishes you’d do something else with your time. Writing is a solitary act, and friends and family often times truly can’t sympathize. Unless you’re surrounded by friends and family who are writers.

    Like Pat, I created this blog to reach out to other writers who understand the process, and know exactly what I’m talking about when I’m venting. You’re not alone here.

  3. I’ve gotten to the point where, when someone asks me about my writing and seems interested, I’ll be like, “Wait, you actually *want* to hear me ramble about my book? Woo!” I think the best way to deal with people who don’t really *get* our fictitious worlds is to also surround ourselves with people who *do* get them, aka, fellow writers 🙂

    • Though personally I actually don’t even like talking about my book with people outside my own family. When my friends ask about it, I’m hesitant to speak about it. Only because it’s not finished yet, and I guess I’m somewhat private about it right now. When I finish it, if it gets published, then I’ll be happy to tell people about it, but I guess right now it’s my own little world in my own head and I prefer it that way. I do hit up my husband a lot to help bounce ideas off of him, but actually it helps me just to say my ideas out loud, even if he doesn’t hardly answer. xD

      • I think that’s what my problem is too, I like to talk about my ideas and thoughts and feelings outloud! I want everyone to know these epic stories and adventures that I am on. However, I find that the more intense the journey, the more I also start to keep it to myself. Crazy, huh? I guess me and you are alike in this way. 🙂

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