Why do you write?

After starting my Haiku of the day, I am impressed to look back on my twitter feed to see how I organize my previous days in accordance with a small poem.  It’s refreshing to know for at least a few seconds in that day, I am able to come up with something beautiful, even if I haven’t written at all that whole day.

Writing As Therapy

I recently read on another blog, that you need more than passion to be a writer.  I guess my feelings on this are entirely different.  I think all a writer needs is passion.  I think of this perspective as more of the journalistic approach to writing: it can only be good if others say it is.

But guess what?  It doesn’t matter if no one else likes what you write.  It only matters that you like it.  If a novel or story you write helps progress you to the next level in your life, so be it!  We all have friends or parents or whoever may be interested in reading a finalized manuscript, right?  Why are we all so obsessed with fame?

As an American, I think it’s hard for any of us to truly accept that we will never be famous, super wealthy, or the highest social class.  Americans want to think they can be everything, and sometimes it makes me sad when they assume that just because no one likes their art, it is bad art.

Making Art Will Free You

Coming to a head with a novel that you are writing can tremendously change your perspective on life.  As you progress to the end, you will meet characters you didn’t think would show up, and realize that when writing a novel, there are few actions that are premeditated.

In other words, it truly is an adventure into your own subconsious.

Don’t allow “professional” writers to say that your work doesn’t matter.

Allow your psyche to see the more bountiful rewards outside the realistic sphere we sometimes are trapped in.

Have a good weekend and happy writings.





4 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. I agree with you! You should absolutely write if it is your passion. Though I do agree with the part of the post you mentioned about that you do need to practice your writing if you actually want to turn it into a career. I don’t believe in writing things you are not truly passionate or inspired about, though.

    • See, me either. I guess I see it less as an article I need to write, and more of a passionate story I need to bestow onto the world. When you have feelings like that towards your writing, it’s extremely hard to abandon them.

    • i agree. I think that’s a great thing to think about especially as we are all editing. We do need to treat them with love, and I guess that’s why they sometimes feel like our babies. thx for commenting!

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