Characters Have Their Own Minds

One thing I like about writing is getting to know other characters so well that they surprise you.  I guess this is the same with people in many ways.  You make friends with someone.  You think they are someone you will really get along with, when–BAM–you realize they have some fatal flaw that makes it impossible for you to befriend them. 

There are some people that sometimes do not accompany our own tastes, and this is when the story begins, the conflict starts to spark.  Slowly, over time, these hidden conflicts in our relationships eventually pewter out to a falling out, or grow into long lasting friendships.  It all depends, really.

When we allow our characters to surprise us, to make decisions that we wouldn’t make, this is when those characters become real, have their own legs, minds, and ability to fight.  You have developed characters that have good conflicts, and this is important.

Who’s Your Favorite Character

We have our own favorite character. I think they change with time. I see this happening with myself. Over the last few weeks, I have fervently been working to try and finish my story “The Wired Web of Seymour’s Skull”. I am just ready to get to the editing, you know? I love my character, don’t get me wrong, but I feel another character, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, calling me into another direction. It’s sad to say goodbyes sometimes, but I can feel it’s time for me to let go of Seymour, even after the last six years I have been working with him, perfecting him, loving him. His time to die, literally, is soon.

Why We Psychologically Get Connected To Our Characters

Over the last six years, Seymour has been my retreat from the world I have been living in. A lot of things have been happening in this time that makes it easy to be connected to him. After trying to finish school, I just recently finished my Master’s in Library & Info Science, have a decent, steady job, and I see time has come to say goodbye to Seymour. I no longer need him to cope.

The best part about developing these relationships with your characters, or what I like to call spiritual guides, is that they help you see within yourself the truth that exists. My experience with Seymour even affects my political views sometimes. It makes me overthink the way things are right now, and that is probably a good thing.

Love Your Spiritual Guide

Take your pen right now! Go out to coffee with your spiritual guide (i.e. your favorite character), and ask them what you need to do next! You breathed them into existence for them to heal you! Let the healing begin!


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  1. Yeah, I am getting the feeling that the stories we have should be finished. If this story has lived within us for long, why haven’t we decided to get it all out?

    I struggle with this, squeeezzzinng the story out of myself. Sometimes, I just get on these crazy rides with my characters. The characters take the reins, and all of a sudden, I don’t know what direction I am going into.

    Or maybe that is just my subconsious telling me how to drive forward?

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