Word Count for Novels

Word Count Doesn’t Matter

I want to write books like “The Alchemist”.  They are short, sweet, to the point, and leave the reader with a feeling that it is okay to be you.

After learning how to break it down, I am starting to become fulfilled with the idea of writing stories that will only be about 30,000 words.  I don’t think it needs to go beyond this. 

Write Something That Will Inspire Others

An important thing about being an author is asking yourself: “Why do I want to write?”  It took me a long time to figure this out.  After a while, I learned that what I wanted to get out of writing had nothing to do with money or fame or fortune.  It more had to do with inspiring and helping others, seriously.

When I read the book “Fight Club” at age sixteen, my whole life changed.  I wanted to read everything.  I wanted to learn what the secret to life was.  I wanted to know how to accomplish the world and existence I WANTED.   Fight Club is one of those books which explains that becoming what everyone else says may be a good idea is not always the best idea.  From then on, I made a promise that I would only do what I loved.  I didn’t want to become a flake ready to be blown out of a corporate office.  I wanted to be more than the legend in my own mind.  I wanted to accomplish and comprehend my own philosophy.

Using Fiction To Discover Your Own Philosophies

Creating your own characters is more than just writing a story.  It is about getting into contact with the philosophies that may be lying dormant in your right now.  How do you feel about certain political philosophies?  Do you really feel that way, truly?

Plots and stories of your own imaginative landscape may help you understand, comprehend, and bring forth the things of the world you currently have trouble understanding, will help you make connections to the rest of your environment, and understand, in the form of fiction, why things are the way they are.

With that, go and write your novella!



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