Healing Yourself In A Changing World

Books Can Enlighten, But Making Art Can Heal

As someone who is trained in the profession of librarianship, I believe that books can enlighten everyone.  I believe less ignorance can promote better lives for everyone.

With that being said, I also think that writing and art can heal our inner soul.

I was never trained as an art therapist, but sometimes I think I should have been.

Since writing is my art medium, I have always used writing to cope with the realities of my own world.  It helps me organize the chaos.  Sometimes, I feel there is so much white noise, emotion, and havoc in the earth, I can’t make self of myself if I don’t write.

I think that is how other artists sometimes feel.  Trapped.  The only way to cope is to write, or paint, or create.

If We Aren’t Good, Our Art Will Be No Good

When we refuse to tap into our inner child and voice, it comes out in our art.  Although we all have our methods for getting in touch with our artistic side, writing down all your thoughts, emotions, and feelings is a great way to hone in on your perception of the world.

Perception is everything.  If you cannot see everyone else’s perception, your environment can feel meaningless.  Tap into your emotional side by allowing your brain to wander with art.

This past weekend, I decided to try some watercolors with my husband in the garage.  I am a horrible watercolorist.  I simply drew the landscape in Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.

Although it isn’t the best watercolor in the world, it allowed me the tools to tap into the world from a different direction.  As long as we are trying to tap into these worlds, this is all that matters.  Trying different mediums such as watercolors, drawing, writing, poetry, or what-have-you, will only bring you closer to what you are trying to accomplish as an artist.

Even when it comes out like my watercolor.


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Healing Yourself In A Changing World

  1. This is a big part of the reason I wish I had the time to learn painting and drawing. I would love to be able to access the world of my stories visually as well as verbally. Of course, however, if I devote time to learning a new craft that will take time away from improving as a writer, so I must create what I am able to create (at about the same skill level as your watercolor, which is still lovely!), and be happy. 🙂

  2. So true! It’s all about honing into that spiritual side of it all, of getting in touch with your message. Oh my goodness, I started reading “The Alchemist”, coolest book ever by the way, and in it, the boy meets a man who says we are all born with a “Personal Legend”. I guess that is why I like writing so much, it helps me tap into my own spiritual journey and see it for what it really is. Super cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!!

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