Issuu for Self-Publishers

I recently learned of a great blog feature for self-publishing authors, such as myself.  Currently, I am working on a lot of different projects.  I need a good interface in order to publish some materials, and I think I found it.

It’s called Issuu, and it is a self-publishing author’s dream.  Although I was disappointed to learn they put their own advertisements on your work, I was excited to see my work in an edited, formatted style.

The following piece, “Rock”, is one I am working on for my short story collection to be available on January 1st, 2013.  I am working on a quartet of pieces from different perspectives of the earth.  From this, I will be incoporating the fire/water/air/earth theme into the whole short story collection.

I found it a bit tricky to get Issuu to work in WordPress, but with a few codes moved here and there, I was able to figure it out.  If you all are interested, I can post about how I did it on WordPress too. Like I said, it was tricky.

Does anyone else use Issuu for their publications?

I am very excited about this method for self-publishing.  While I know I will want to hold onto some of my most favorite works for a while, I also like the idea of sharing them with people.  I am a creative spirit.  As the law of attraction entails, the work I make and produce and share with the world will only double if I put it out there.

As I slowly start to edit my work and try to share it, I only get more excited with time.  I love the internet age!

Also, read my piece! What do you think?

Since I am a self-publishing author, and always will be by choice, my works will now be available in the “Published Works” section of my page.  Enjoy!

(Disclaimer:  There is an accidental period at the end of the story “Rock” that will be edited out in the FINAL DRAFT of my Short Story Collection 2012. )


2 thoughts on “Issuu for Self-Publishers

  1. Hello. I just wanted to tell you that Rock is a fantastic. I believe there is a vibration to everyone and everything and all we have to do is listen. Yet our mind is too busy creating unneccessary noise that pollutes and drowns out the vibrational music around us. I truly love your writing.

  2. Thank you so much Leticia! I truly appreciate it. Yes, I agree. There are some instinctual things we tend to ignore, and I find my writing to be centered around this idea.

    This made my day! Thank you!

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