Watercolors, Guitar, and Writing

Sunday was exceptionally creative for me this weekend.  I watercolored a landscape of where Girl-Who-Rises-Sun was running through, and also made some amazing traction of my Seymour story.

I do reccommend breaking down some of your larger projects into smaller, bite-sized pieces.  I am starting to think I may be a novella writer, and not a novel writer, which, believe it or not, I think I am okay with.

As I break down my stories and try to push them out to their endings, it feels like a rush.  What is going to happen next?  How will this happen?  Who will they meet?  The possibilities are endless.

52 Story Project

As promised, this is starting to come together too.  I need to produce two stories this week, because I have been lazy, but more is to come.

I am excited to one day share all my stories with the world, and I feel closer than I ever have before.


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