New Rejection Letter, Different Day

The Rejection Letter

Thank you for your submission for the second issue of —————-. We’ve read and considered your work, but feel that it isn’t right for the magazine. We’ve had over 60 submissions, and with the limited space we have for publication we’ve had to cut out a large portion of the submissions. We hope that you’ll find a good home for your work.
 All the best,
——   ————–

My Reaction

It hurts deep down to know that something you wrote can’t stand on its own legs, break into the world, and offer to hope to those who want it most.  However, I guess that is why I started this blog to begin with: to share.  I simply want to share my work, and I guess that is why I blog.  This rejection letter doesn’t stand as a reminder that no one will ever read my work, because I can post it right here.  🙂 

However, it does still stand as a reminder that my work has been turned down for a different audience, which is a little sad. 

I guess I’ll have to play my guitar again some time this weekend.  😦

The Rejected Work


They came from the stars

To teach and heal us

Of our human ways


When Jim Morrison came to earth

He directly landed in

New Mexico


Glorious mountains, blueberry skies

Land of enchantment

Cars always break down

In the land of entrapment



Land of ancient elders

Some say we are stupid

Wisdom knows us as peace


Jim Morrison is buried in Paris

Mystery hometown

Skeletons in the desert

Land of entrapment


Stars fall down from Hollywood

Spit on the town

These avengers

These suits say

This city is crap


Let us teach you peace

Please burn your worries

At the feet of Zozobra

Leave your sadness

In the expansiveness


The desert heals the wise

All you must do



What do you guys think?  Did I really mess up here?  I am looking for constructive criticism.  All will be responded with “thank you”.


2 thoughts on “New Rejection Letter, Different Day

  1. Rejection letters sting, no lie, but the passion and belief in your writing is what will make you in time dust yourself off and submit again. Throw your head back in your writing world, keep writing and submit again when you’re ready. You will get there! I was just reading a post at today on rejections and handling them. It’s always good to read about it, but of course,we all handle it differently no matter what tips we read about. Chin up and keep moving forward 🙂

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