Why Did I Turn Out This Way?

Why We Want To Write

Sometimes, I get really upset with myself for only wanting to be a writer since I was a child.  The idea of writing my own novel has been something harbored deep within me since I was fourteen years old.

When I was fourteen years old, I wrote a semi-autobiography called “Recycled”.  Interesting enough, I recently retrieved the manuscript only to be amazed by the intricacy and horrible writing.

I remember I even sent the manuscript to a publisher.  This was going to be published, I thought. 

It got rejected, at age fifteen, and I remember wanting to know why.  At first, the rejection was too much, and I did not try to send anything else for probably five or six years.

As I have gotten older, I continuously wonder why I have been plagued with being a writer.  I am not even all that great of a writer.  But there is something I have picked up over the years and learned about writers: they write.

And I guess that is why I constitute myself as a writer.  I write. 

The Difference Between Writers and Artists

When I went to college, I was ready to become a writer.  I joined the college newspapers and started to write articles for free.  The newspaper fired me, asking me if I had ever read a newspaper in my life.  (Funny thing about being fired is that I wasn’t getting paid.)   Looking back on the whole escapade, I think it’s because I have always considered myself more of an artist than a writer.

It’s important for writers to define themselves by what they are.  Although I write, I don’t really considered myself a “writer” as I do so more an “artist”.  I am not trying to be perfect, I am simply trying to express something, and words are the medium for me.

Hiding Your Work From Scornful Eyes 

If you consider yourself an experimental and self-consious writer, such as myself, allow yourself to let your creative writing projects flow into every direction. 

I like to share my work here because I know only other writers read this blog.  I truly think that other writers will get what I am trying to do, understand I am trying to develop my craft, and attempting to share something that is special to me.

Girl-Who-Rises-Sun is my attempt to write the female version of The Alchemist.  Although I have never read “The Alchemist” (recieved the ebook today from the library, so I will soon), the plotline sounded interesting to me.  A guy goes out into the world with no idea what direction he will go.  However, he ends up where he was supposed to be…

Somehow, I feel like the female version of this story is entirely different.  I’ll give you my true analysis when I finish “The Alchemist” , but I just feel like the female version of this book needs to be made. 

What do you all think about this?  Why do you want to write?  Do you consider yourself an artist or a writer?  Do you believe it’s important to hide your work from “scornful eyes”?  What projects are you currently working on?


6 thoughts on “Why Did I Turn Out This Way?

  1. I’ve been writing stories ever since I first learned how to write (back then my stories usually involved talking families of cats and were illustrated by yours truly). xD But I’ve never ever ever been interested in writing things like news articles. I only enjoy writing when I’m writing about something that I actually chose myself. As far as hiding your work from “scornful eyes,” I have mixed feelings. I believe that you have to be brave enough to make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there, but there’s nothing wrong with waiting until you’ve got a polished, edited and revised draft. And then when you get feedback, you have to be able to consider it without compromising your own feelings on the piece and without taking it too personally. I think every piece of critique should be considered, but you have to feel free to also decide not to listen to some of it.

    • I think this is excellent advice too, Bree. I agree, we do need those scornful eyes to keep our work looking good. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

      I guess what I mean by “scornful eyes” are cyncial people who may not propell your ideas forward. There are some cynical people in the world who will rip you apart before you know it, and there are positive people in the world who end turning out to be negative. I guess what I am saying is : choose editors wisely! Our pieces of works are our babies, and this is why it is important for to take care of them.

      Thanks for posting Bree!!! But it’s true, you can still have anyone edit it, but it is important to only take the criticism you like and makes your piece better. 🙂

      • That is a good point! I understand what you mean now and I agree with you. Constructive criticism is good, but there’s no point in listening to someone who is just going to make you feel horrible and tell you that you’ll never get published ever. x) Though I think writers have to have a thick skin, because once something gets published, it’s open to review by people who are just being nasty for the sake of it, and authors get hate mail and things like that, and I think they have to learn to ignore it and not let it discourage them.

  2. I’m glad getting fired did not stop you from writing. We only become better by writing everyday and if not that,then as much as you can when you can. I’ve read successful writer blogs who are still, after many novels under their belt, a bit self-conscious, low-confidence ,etc about their writing…I agree with you-let your writing flow. Do not hide it from scornful eyes.
    Like your idea about ‘The Alchemist’, good luck with it and don’t give up. When I hear that title I think of the movie-not sure if it’s the same though.
    I write because it has always been who I am and burns inside me with a story to tell. I’m currently working on upcoming novels and screenplays. Writer I am happy to be 🙂 Great post!

    • Yay! Thank you for telling me this, Amber. I am happy to know I am not the only one who feels they were born with this strangeness inside of them to write. That’s what I like about connecting with writers through the internet, it just feels so much more rejuvinating that there are others out there too. I am excited to read your upcoming novel from amazon! ❤

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