Find Your Spiritual Leader

When we write, it allows us to look within our souls and find a part of ourselves that also needs to be healed.  Writing is a direct relationship to healing.  It helps us see from the lens of someone else, and to understand new parts of ourselves left undiscovered for years.

Characters as Spiritual Leaders

Recently, I have been working on my story, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun.  (Chapter 10 has been published today, please click on the link to read!)  Girl-Who-Rises-Sun is a Native American woman who lives in the Southwest.  She feels a vibe or energy calling her forth into the desert, so she simply follows it.  By following this vibe, she encounters may different obstacles, but she still stays true to herself and follows this natural instinct to go into the direction she wants.  Everything tries to hold her back, but she keeps breaking free, overcoming the obstacle, and seeing the vision on the horizon.

Find your own spiritual leader.  Create your own spiritual leader through writing.  One reason I love this character is because she does whatever she wants to do, despite the strange situations the universe gives her.  She always manages to find the exit point because her vision is clearly on the horizon.

How Our Own Spiritual Leaders Redefine Hope

Sometimes, during our own journeys, we forget the true hopes and dreams we have.  We start to listen to a lot of “outside voices”.  The voices that do not belong to us are dangerous.  They are even more dangerous when they tell us how to live our lives. 

Allow yourself to create a character that never listens to these voices, that does only what they would want, and refuses to settle for the hopes and aspirations of what others want for them.  These ruthless characters create and feed drama.  They fight with the forces of the universe to let all things  good prevail.

Creating a character that is everything you want to be and has all the attributes you want is a vital visionary technique.  Our own journeys often times feel undefined.  Everyday starts to feel like a blur, and the obstacles before us start to feel lifeless, meaningless, and worse yet, vapid. 

Your Spiritual Leader and Character’s Conflict Could Help You Redefine Your Own Life

In the story, Girl-Who-Rises-Sun, she is constantly traveling and not know where she has to go.  Through her many obstacles, she learns a new skill each time which attracts her one step closer to destiny.

I want to heal people with my writing, and also in that, I want people to learn how to heal themselves through writing

The plots, stories, writings, and everything we bring together through fiction writing is deeply important to those who write it.  Sharing our stories and works is more of an effort to self-heal with others than it is to have our name’s ego be placed on a flag and waved for others. 

Find Your Spiritual Leader Today

Give yourself some time to do a free write.  Find yourself in an environment you connect too within your writing (the desert, beach, forest, whatever is comfortable for you).  Ask the universe to bring forth your spiritual leader in this fictional scene you have created.  Meet this fearless person.  Get to know them, and follow them along their adventure.

Please share and tell me what you come up with here.

Who is your spiritual leader?

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Spiritual Leader

  1. Hey, I love this! I believe that the best writing comes from writing with a purpose, a deeper meaning and a message to your readers (and maybe to yourself, too). That separates an entertaining story from something that is truly profound. When a story teaches the reader something, or makes them want to stand up and be a better person, that is beautiful. I’ve experienced that sometimes when reading, or even watching movies. It’s rare, but every once in awhile someone does something that makes you want to stand up and do something to make things better in the world, or even just in your own life. The only thing is that I think it’s a fine line between having the message come naturally through the story, and overdoing it and shoving it down the reader’s throat so much that they stop reading. I think it has to be subtle and not too obvious. But that’s hard, and it’s something I’m struggling with myself. 🙂

  2. Yeah, for sure! That’s totally how I feel about it too. It’s important that we allow our characters to grow and become these amazing people who do amazing actions.

    I don’t think it’s good to shove a story down someone’s throat either, it should come naturally, or at least, feel natural. I guess that’s where editing comes in. LOL

    Thank you again for posting and commenting on this blog. It’s truly the voice of everyone else that makes these ideas come alive.

    I’ll be following you too now!

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