Why Writing is Hard

It’s Hard to Push Yourself for Nothing

Writing is hard because it is one of those things you must push yourself to do.  Consider it exploring your inner self, and if you ever get the time to truly look around, you will see many people have problems and troubles with that.  I know I do.

What If No One Reads This

The initial fear of writing is worrying that people won’t read it.  I guess my question to other writers is “So, what?!”  We live in a time where you can archive your work for decades and centuries!  Generations from now, when my great-great-great grandchild wants to know the thoughts and feelings I had, it will be on the internet.  Even though you may not believe it, any body of work you create could very well become interesting to those in the future, for whatever reason that is.

Just because the thoughts and feelings you have right now is of no interest to the world around you does not mean what you think and feel is not valid.  Somewhere, somehow, someway, it is —- even if in this current moment the only feelings that matter are that of your own.  Allow yourself to validate what you write.  It truly should only matter to one person: yourself.

Networking Does Help Your Writing Feel Validated

Once I truly start to get into writing about my characters, I definitely start to feel more attached to them.  Something I noticed is helping me expand more as writer is this website textnovel.com.    I like it because it gives you an opportunity to network with other writers, share stories with them, and it also kind of puts your own butt on the line when it comes to writing a story.  Right now, I have 7 votes on the website for the story, and it is the interest of other people who keeps me writing.

I think when we feel like no one is listening to our work, this is what makes it feel like our work is bogus, like everything we do is bogus.  I think I am over that at this point in life.  I never wanted to create work to have others read it.  I guess for me it has been a much more intuitive process.  It is about trekking across mental land in order to find truth, going above and beyond my own psyche to find what truly matters.

You Don’t Have To Be A Perfectionist To Be a Novelist

For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t be a writer because I am not a perfectionist.  However, when I look at authors who have inspired me like Tom Robbins or Charles Bukowski, it is easy to see we do not have to be perfectionists in order to become writers.  We simply must write.  We must put down our pen and fight this injustice.

How do we think of our favorite writers?  As heroes, visionaries, prophets, shamans.  Our most favorite writers are spiritual warriors when you think about it.  The greatest spiritual warriors are rarely amazing journalists or those who fit easily into a box.  The best artists are the ones who couldn’t really get along with anyone and rarely listened to what the grain had to tell them.  They came to the earth with a message, expressed it, and left with or without award.

It’s good to live life as a martyr, and in many ways, I think most writers are martyrs.  They live for truth.  They want to heal and help those around them transcend with truth. 

I hope that when someone comes to this website they see this is what I am trying to create.  I am not on a quest for ego.  I am not on a quest for money.  I am on a quest for connections and truth, and this is why is I send out a blog post every day.

Test to see if your Novel is Good: Hand Off Part One To A Reader Friend

If you don’t know if your novel is any good, hand it off to a friend who you know can read, and will finish a manuscript more easily than the rest.  If they don’t call you back, this means the story is not as engaging as you thought.  Rewrite it.  Make it better.  Hand it off to another friend.   You know you have become successful when they finally start asking for the next chapter.  Never force them into Part II of your novel.  Let them ask for it.

Worry less about your mass audiences of fans, and worry more about if you can even impact a close friend with your writing.  If you can impact a close friend with your writing, is not that good enough reason to write?


2 thoughts on “Why Writing is Hard

  1. Thanks for the insight, Marla. I especially like the part about perfectionism. We don’t have to be a certain way to consider ourselves writers. We just have to write. Just write!

    • I totally agree. It’s hard because sometimes I think it’s easy to assume that we are only writers when others affirm this. However, I find it very healing to just write for my soul. It’s scary being a perfectionist and I know for me it tends to attack my creative side. aaaa! thanks for posting s.l.!

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