Sneak Peak of 2012’s Short Stories

I know it seems funny to just create a bunch of short stories and put them on the internet.  I guess the reason I am doing this is because I am ready for constructive criticism from readers.  I am excited to share my work even when the world will shout back:  “That sucks”.

I just do not care anymore.  My stories have been rejected my numerous online literary magazines, which when I truly delved into their inner workings, learned was no more than a wordpress blog like this.  I do want my voice to be heard, and I am thankful that this is a place I can do it!

That being said, here is a sneak peak to my first and new ebook The End of the Mayan Calendar: Short Stories from 2012 to be released on this website (for free!) on January 12, 2013:


I freely flow everywhere in the earth.  I can be as calm as still water or as chaotic as a wild thunderstorm on the ocean.  It all depends on the conditions.  I can fit into any form you pour me into. I am receptive to the vibes of the universe, and I accordingly accommodate them.

I try to go with the flow.  With my natural rhythms, I spread myself from the tops of the highest mountains as snow, melt into water, and slowly trickle down streams as one of the most important forms of nourishments for all creatures.

I am one with all the living creatures who have ever existed.  I have existed in the bellies of dinosaurs the same as that in a man’s stomach.  I am constantly, fluidly transporting and commuting through bodies of animals, humans, plants, oceans, rivers, streams, life.  I am interconnected to everything.  I feel all.  I understand all.  My best mode of existence is simply to gently form and go with the flow.  Without these credentials, my abilities would be weak.

Humans have a disease, I have noticed.  As I flow into their mouths and they gulp me down into their belly, I can feel their pain.  Not all of them feel it, but a majority of them do.  Some of them feel so alone.  I rarely know what it feels like to be alone, because everything is taking me in all the time, however when I do feel the soul of one with intense loneliness, I know it to be the saddest souls of all.  These are souls with no friends, family, lovers, or children.  These are souls that merely are.  I have encountered such sad souls.

Sometimes I wonder what humans could do to help those souls, but they are very busy with everything else.  Their minds are always wandering and thinking about other things.  They rarely think of others.  This is their biggest problem, I think.

But oh well, because the forces of the universe will eventually wear them down.  It always does.  Humans work against the current.  They are always trying to paddle boats into the largest waves.  Sometimes, men so upset with their ships being stuck in a storm, cock themselves at the front of the boat and yell, “Come and get me, you storm!  You cannot stop me!”

However, I wish I could explain to them that none of this has to do with them.  The storm is simply happening, that is all.  Like I said before, I shape and morph myself according to the tides.  I fit any shape I am asked to fit into.  I am not in control of the waters, just merely a reaction to other forces in the universe.  It is true.  I cannot stop you, human, but something else can.  It’s a force much greater than I.

To humans, I am simply a glass of water on their nightstand, or the water that comes out of the shower head in the morning before they go to work.  I cleanse them and purify them.  I make them healthy; I take away the germs, grit, and dust they accumulate.

Wash it all away, I wish I could tell them.  Clean not only your bodies, but your soul.  Learn how to forgive everyone and everything.  Be pure.  Be like water.  Accept.

I hope this is enough to excite you about my first collection of short stories.  This project is one that I have been working on for almost a year now.  The goal around October last year was to create 52 stories, one for each week in the year.  This is going to be accomplished.  However, from the 52 stories I have written this year, I am only planning to publish 10 in an ebook to be available on this website. 

All the ten stories will go through the editing process, can cleaned up to the best of their ability.  Then it will be time to publish.  I am very excited to share with you these stories I have been writing.  I promise to choose stories with only the most healing of nature.


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